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This is because the locking mechanism on these types of barriers is really nothing more than an aluminum latch that can be easily defeated. DIY Track Blocker: Many sliding glass doors and windows that slide horizontally (sideways) can be easily pried open at the latch. Despite their vulnerabilities, you can secure your sliding glass doors easily and inexpensively with a quick trip to the hardware store. Even if a burglar manages to pick your lock, the dowel will keep the door from opening. Home Security, burglary prevention advice written by security consultant, Chris McGoey, security expert. A quality door knob-in-lock set will have a ‘dead latch’ mechanism to prevent slipping the lock with a shim or credit card. Older sliding glass doors can be lifted up and off their track and thereby defeat the latch mechanism.

how to secure a sliding glass door from burglars 2The old-fashioned way to burglar-proof your sliding doors is to put a broom handle, baseball bat, or another piece of wood in the track to block the door from opening. A more aesthetically-pleasing alternative is to use a patio door lock. In a significant percentage of burglaries, the criminal enters the victim’s home through an unlocked door. With the exception of sliding doors, all exterior doors should have a deadbolt lock in addition to the lock built into the doorknob. Regardless of the method you use, it’s a good idea to reinforce the glass with polycarbonate panels, as recommended in the previous step. Securing your sliding glass door (patio door) is a must: Thieves target sliding glass doors because they’re easy to force open even if the conventional lock is engaged. Then insert a long nail or bolt through the holes; this prevent intruders from prying the door up and swinging out its bottom to gain entry.

This is how you could make your sliding glass door more secure, our locksmiths shows you how Most homes and apartments now have a sliding glass door also know as a patio door. This very attractiveness also appeals to a lot of burglars and thieves locksmiths say. Six out of seven professional home burglars are still on the job year after year. Townhouses often have poorly secured sliding glass doors and small enclosed back yards, attractive elements for the burglar. If you secure the decoy safe to the floor, use some small screws. There are several ways to secure these, such as adding auxiliary patio door locks, or installing screws into the track above the sliding door frame to keep the door from being lifted off the track.

8 Simple Ways To Burglar-proof Your Home

Sliding glass doors are often difficult to lock and easy to breach. These give burglars a leverage point they can use to lift one side of the door, insert a screwdriver, and pop the door off it’s track, even while locked in some cases. Most burglars enter through the front door of a home, but 22 of burglars enter through the back door which includes sliding glass doors. Though your sliding door may look like an insurmountable security challenge, there are ways to secure patio doors. In case you didn’t see that, about a third of burglaries either attempt or successfully gain access to a home via doors. Add a sliding glass door security bar or rod as a secondary lock. Lock it with SafesliderChild Proof sliding door and patio door locks for added security. Safe. Secure. Effective protection against intruders and for child safety Door Guardian More Information Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. How to secure your doggy door from burglars, pests. When the doggy door in her sliding glass door started rattling, Souza called 911 and hid in a closet. If you wish to keep the beauty and class of a glass door then you need to make sure that it is burglar-proof. The following article will show you how to secure your glass door easily.

How To Secure Your Patio Or Sliding Glass Door From Break In

Sliding glass doors present a special problem because they are easy to open, but you have these doors, you can find special locks for them. Find out how you can secure the doors of your home and minimize the risk of break-ins, here. The first thing a burglar will do is check if your home’s door is locked. You can apply this film on any glass window on a door or sliding glass doors. Remember that if you have glass in or around your door, a burglar could break the glass then just reach inside to unlock the door. Sliding Glass Doors: To prevent a sliding glass door from being lifted out of its tracks, screw three pan-head sheet metal screws into the top of the frame. The single locking mechanism usually found on many sliding glass doors is easy to defeat. All a burglar needs to do is pry the lock open, or cut it using a hacksaw.

Often people don’t worry about locking their sliding glass door when they leave the house. Since a sliding glass door is usually on the back of the house it is typically something a homeowner doesn’t think about when exiting for the day.