How To Sew A Box-pleated Bed Skirt Sample Plans PDF

I may make a similar pleated one for our king size bed. A bed skirt fits under a mattress and right on top of a box springs, covering up the box springs on down to the floor. For the skirting, cut widths of fabric to your measurement from bed box to floor plus 4. The bed skirt I made is a box-pleated one, not a gathered one. You can adapt this tutorial to any size of bed (mine is king size – queen size in South Africa).

how to sew a box-pleated bed skirt 2I’m not sure if this is the absolutely correct way to make a box pleated bedskirt, but it worked for us!. Lauren asked me if I’d like to share her bedskirt tutorial that she recently did in her guestroom and of course, I wanted to share with all of you. Sew right over the box pleat (on the top ONLY) and that will keep it place. DIY bedskirt – hem fabric on 3 sides; secure to box spring with t-pins. Here’s another idea for a straight no frills bed skirt.

The thought of making your own bed skirt can be a bit daunting. Especially a gathered bed skirt made for any size larger than a twin. A box pleat bed skirt is just a series of rectangles sewn together. A modern, flat-panel, pleated bed skirt adds the finishing touch to a well-dressed bed. The hanging fabric hides the box spring, the bed’s frame and anything stored underneath. I used them to make my daughters bed skirt also:).

Crafty Sisters: Bedskirt With Contrasting Box Pleats

She used to make her bed skirts by sewing a ruffled fabric to a large rectangle of lining fabric that fit between the box spring and mattress. Learn an inexpensive, easy, quick way to make a pleated bed skirt. Then I measured four inches from the edge of the box springs to the floor to see how wide I needed each piece to be. Make your own bed skirt using a flat sheet with this super simple DIY tutorial! It looks amazing and will perfectly fit the height of your box spring!. It’s time to get the sewing machine out and sew the few edges that need sewing (or you can cheat and use Stitch Witchery (affiliate link) I won’t tell!) along with a box pleat in the center of each of the two side panels and the end panel. Online Classes Sewing & Quilting Custom Bedding: Designer Bedskirts 29. Laurie explains how to measure your bed and choose the right fabric for your project, whether it’s a gathered, flat or box-pleated bedskirt. So we’ll start by measuring your bed from the top of the box spring to where you want it to land on the floor. Tailored bed skirts are simple to make and look lovely with duvet covers. You should have 3 inches of fabric to the right and left behind each fold, forming a box pleat.

The Anatomy Of A Box Pleat Bed Skirt

Diy pleated bedskirt supplies. 1. Attach the velcro and panel to your box spring with your fabric glue.