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I’m pleased to share this bed skirt tutorial with you today. Begin pinning the right skirt end you hemmed to the upper right corner of your base. A box pleat bed skirt is just a series of rectangles sewn together. Split Corners Rather than continuing the bed skirt around the corner of the platform, split corners allow the bed skirt to hang freely around a footboard. She used to make her bed skirts by sewing a ruffled fabric to a large rectangle of lining fabric that fit between the box spring and mattress. I am going to do inverted pleats at each corner of the bed (by the foot of the bed).

how to sew corners on a bed skirt 2DIY bed skirt tutorial, or how to make a custom bed skirt without a pattern. Your bed will probably have curved corners – don’t panic, just measure to the centre of the curve: Then add 40cm for the first box pleat, and 10cm for (some of) the corner pleat (I will explain more later) and another 15cm or so for the little bit that goes around the corner at the top of the bed (and seam allowance). However, my smart friend Lisa made a similar bedskirt using these upholstery pins and so I took her suggestion and used them for this project too (hers was completely no-sew, go check it out!). You may not have a seam but I had to sew two pieces together to get my length. (except for the pleat) to make two small panels for the corners. Measure your bed. Take measurements for the width and depth of your bed, as well as the height from the floor to the top of your box spring.

Making a custom bed skirt isn’t hard promise! I made the bed skirt while visiting. After the sides are stitched together, sew the corners. Sew the three skirts onto the sheet between the cut out corners making sure the unhemmed edge is tucked under. As the base for the bedskirt I used an old fitted sheet around the box springs. The skirt can be in three pieces with some overlap for the corners.

A Thousand Words: Diy Bed Skirt Tutorial, Or How To Make A Custom Bed Skirt Without A Pattern

CUT Decking for Skirt CUT ONE Twin Full Queen King39 X 76 1/2 55 X 76 1/2 61 X 81 1/2 80 X 81 1/2 Place on box spring and mark the radius of each corner at the foot of the bed onto the decking with chalk. We did it Wednesday at Sew Much Ado, Transformation Thursday at The Shabby Chic Cottage, Get Your Craft on at Life as Lori, Thrifty Thursday at Bloggeritaville, Show and Tell at My Romantic Home, Victory of the Week at Design-Aholic, Frugalicious Friday at Finding Fabulous, Funky Junk s Saturday Nite Special, Weekend Wrap-up at Tatertots and Jello, and Craft Schooling Sunday at Creative Jewish Mom. A bed skirt or dust ruffle makes a decorative covering for your bed’s box spring or legs. Sew a 1-inch double-fold hem on the bottom and ends of all three fabric pieces, using a sewing machine. Place a fitted sheet over the box spring, taking care that the seams lie evenly at all four corners. This bed skirt features a lovely Greek key pattern that enhances its overall look. The split corners with overlaps create a smooth unobstructed draping effect. I don’t have any wasted fabric that rests on top of the box spring, as I would with a normal bedskirt, and if your bed is in the corner, you don’t even have to make three sides! I also love how easy the velcro attachment makes pulling off the skirt in case it needs to be washed.

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