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In homes lacking closet space, an armoire can be used in a bedroom, bathroom or dressing room to hold clothes that you wear all of the time, or work in a spare bedroom to store out-of-season items. TV armoires, like closets, can be retrofitted into minibars. Add a rack for wine bottles and shelves for barware and liquor, Penta suggested. Transform an old armoire into a storage-packed baking center for your kitchen. Shelves encourage tidiness within, making it easy to store mixing bowls, sprinkles, and ingredients. Its combination of drawers and closet space offers the perfect solution for small-space storage.

how to turn an armoire into a closet 2With a little ingenuity, you can move your antique armoire into the 21st century without sacrificing any of the furniture’s old-fashioned charm. By converting an armoire with desktop and shelves, you can whip up a home office just about anywhere. They belong to a time when closets were only dee. I am actually turning the armoire into a..wait. That’s another day another post. This lovely built-in closet comes from a few piece of furniture!

Armoire turned Computer Cabinet. When I finished my office over a year ago, the plan was to turn our old armoire into a computer hutch. Tips To Maximize Closet Space. I have one that I am thinking of making into my computer armoire. But it’s sounded the death knell of the entertainment armoire — a movement that is most visible in the nation’s hotel chains. The anti-armoire movement is most visible in the nation’s hotel chains, which are dumping the clunky closets by the tens of thousands as they undergo renovations. Learn how to convert your entertainment armoire into a wardrobe.

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how to turn an armoire into a closet 3From easier ways to get ready in the morning to ways that you can turn a small closet into a huge storage area, you can find everything you need to organize your home and your life. The store used to retool vintage wardrobes into TV armoires, so she figured it could convert her TV cabinet into an office armoire. Store employees removed existing shelves and added shelving and eight cubby holes. Linen closet: Add shelves for towels and sheets. Liquor cabinet: Add racks for hanging glasses from ceiling. An old TV Armoire I turned into a coat/shoe organizer w/bench. Would love this for Leila’s room, then I could turn her closet into a fun little nook/corner. I’ve been reading a lot, and I’ve decided to make a stealth grow box (even though. What I’m looking at right now is to convert a white-painted glossy armoire into my stealth grow box. Though I’ll be a place where it is legal to grow, due to my job, I’ll be having many people come over and I need it to be completely inconspicuous in my walk-in closet. But I do have guests, a cleaning lady, neighbors. And all closets are full. So I decided to build into an armoire to hide my grow box in plain sight. Turn armoire into closet and you will have a piece of furniture that will provide you with enough space to store any necessary items in your bedroom.

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I’m moving into a small house and losing my wonderful craft room. I will not have a space dedicated to my love. Turn a closet or armoire into a craft space with a fold down table! An armoire is like a miniature, portable closet, if you will. You can find versions which are closet-ready, or you can easily convert an armoire into all-out closet. Transform an armoire into a pantry, linen closet or craft storage. Small Space Storage Ideas: If there’s no space for a separate office, turn a.