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Q: I have laminate cabinets and would like to redo my kitchen. What are my options? Can they be painted or resurfaced? Or should I ditch them altogether? Expert advice on new construction, remodeling, easy upgrades, maintenance, and repairs in kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, workspaces, exteriors, landscaping, plumbing, storage, heating and cooling, insulation, doors and windows, decks, flooring, and more. Q: Is there any way to paint over dark-brown plastic-laminate kitchen cabinets? Before – Formica Cabinets After – Formica Cabinets Painted White Satin Enamel Finish Before – Formica Cabinets After – Formica Cabinets with a Glazed Finish Before – Formica Cabinets After – Formica Cabinets with a Glazed Finish Before After – Glazed Finish on Oak Before After – Glazed Finish on Oak Before – Formica Cabinet After – Formica Cabinet with a Wood Grain Finish in a Oak Shade Before After – Painted in a White Satin Enamel Finish Before – Birch Cabinets After – Birch Cabinets with a Walnut Wood Grained Finish More Painted Finishes.

how to update laminate kitchen cabinets 2It’s a common scenario: This kitchen had perfectly serviceable laminate countertops, but the owner wanted a more luxurious look. Rust-Oleum also makes a countertop redo kit, Countertop Transformations, for a textured surface that mimics the feel of stone. Refinished cabinets, sleek black hardware and charcoal-finish countertops bring this kitchen squarely into the modern era at an affordable price. Learn how to paint laminate cabinets using a latex primer and paint to get the look and color you want In My Own Style. There are three things I did to refinish the ugly formica cabinet: 1) paint, 2) add trim to the doors, and 3) add crown molding. But will give an update down the road.

For a while now the laminate on our kitchen cabinets has been peeling off. Again here is your complete supply list for this kitchen update:. Check out these kitchen cabinet ideas, and learn more about kitchen remodeling. For laminate and melamine finishes, be sure to rough up the surface with 150-grit sandpaper, and apply a good bonding primer before topping it off with the color of your choice. How to Paint Laminate Cabinets. Applying paint to old, dated laminate cabinets is an easy way to update your kitchen without breaking the bank. As long as the laminate surface is in good condition, and is well-adhered, it can be repainted.

How To Paint Laminate Kitchen Countertops

I had a white galley kitchen very simular to that one. I completely agree with Pal regarding attempts to update and the results looking like attempts to update. A router is used to cut the laminate where the cabinet doors and drawers are located. If I won, of course I would use that money to redo our cabinets. Learn how to paint laminate kitchen cabinets with Bunnings. If your kitchen cabinets still work well but are starting to look a little the worse for wear, you could always paint them. I love the apartment, but it has some ugly cabinets in the kitchen. Is there anything I can do to make these look better without spending too much money as that this is only a rental? Thanks! Zach. But if that’s laminate, just buy a flower arrangement for that wonderful counter and call it a day. Good luck! A Yes, you can paint laminate cabinets, even in a hardworking room such as a kitchen. It’s a great way to update a room’s look without spending much money. I also had a very small budget – less than 100 – so I looked at what I already owned and thought about ways to still get the updated look I wanted without overspending.

Painting Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

Can I paint over kitchen cabinets that have laminate on them? My kitchen is ten years old but I can’t afford to replace it entirely. There are some fabulous products that you can use to update your kitchen cabinetry. You can also paint over laminate doors, drawer fronts and the like, but I don’t really like recommending this because it is not such a great long-term solution. A DIY countertop redo and a kitchen cabinet painting project. I have detested my plain white laminate countertops for years, but they are in perfect shape (wouldn’t you know) and after pricing replacement counters, I just couldn’t justify the expense. Kitchen cabinetry that is old and out of date can bring the home’s decor down. Purchasing new furniture and appliances can add a bit of freshness to the decor but will not hide the old cabinetry.

Until we decided to pull the trigger on a compete kitchen update (which took us almost 2 months from start to finish). Q. I am interested in painting my existing kitchen cabinets. They are contractor grade with what I believe to be, a formica finish. We just bought a house and I want to redo the Formica cabinets. Painting seems like the least expensive option but want it to look great and last. Ideally, paint your cabinet doors and drawers in your basement or garage, where you can leave them to dry and harden between coats. This is huge for updating the look.