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The perfect perch, tailored to your birds, should encourage a restful night so the girls are fully energized for the day ahead. But a perch that is too wide for the size of the hens’ feet may cause tendon problems and impair a hen’s ability to grasp the perch. Supplying the correct size roost for your chickens is very important. but what roost size should you use? Chicken perches should start about 18 inches off the ground. I made my perch using a ladder type style. Some people in colder climates will use 2×4’s mounted with the wide side up.

how wide should a chicken roost be 2The top perch should be higher than any other surface that they can perch on. Again depending on type and breed most chickens choose not to fly much as they get older. If your roost is wide enough for all 10 birds when they are adults, one roost is enough, but two roosts one behind the other, will give them room to choose who they will roost next to. A wide handrail works nicely. Your goal should be to spend as little money and effort as possible to get a useful result. Interior air space: Chickens need to roost at least 30 inches up off of the ground, and have head space to do that comfortably. I should have known she was a changed woman as the next a.m. I was greeted with 5 eggs.

Chapter 5 of the chicken care e-book: Chickens coops, requirements for a building a chicken coop. Nest boxes should be raised off the ground at least a few inches, but lower than the lowest roosting pole. Flat roosts (like a 2 x 4, wide side up) allow them to roost comfortably, and in cold weather their toes stay covered and warm as they sleep. What type of bedding or litter should I use for my chickens? They should always be lower the their roosts, however, or you will have them trying to roost in the nests! If they begin sleeping in their nests, the nests will get dirty, and by consequence you will have dirty eggs.

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Also should I give them a choice of 2 sticks or is 1 enough? Keep your poultry safe, happy and productive in a good chicken house. Armed with this knowledge, you should be able to build, modify or purchase a chicken coop that’s suitable to your poultry’s needs and will keep them safe and contented. Prior to laying they seek secluded spots for nest building and at night, they fly up into trees to avoid predators and roost. Includes site wide company logo, priority directory listing, facebook shout-out and more. You should be able to keep 6-7 chickens in there. In places with cold temperatures, the wide perch helps insure that when a bird roosts, their entire foot will be covered with their warm feathers. For adults the roosts should be about 2 in diameter. Discover thousands of images about Chicken Roost on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. Ventilation should not allow direct breezes on the chickens’ roosting area, nor should it allow predators to reach in and maim your pets. Clean-out is significantly easier if you can roll a wheelbarrow into your coop, or or even wheel right up to a wide door.

The My Pet Chicken Guide To Chicken Care, Chapter 5: Chicken Coop Requirements

Poultry housing is used by the birds for roosting, laying, and shelter. The welfare of the birds is entirely in your hands and certain principles must therefore be observed. The photo above of the little red shed was the existing chicken coop and tiny outdoor run when we purchased our farm house. Remember to also keep in mind you want a roost area, feeding area and egg laying area. Lesson Four: You should have one nesting box for every four to five chickens. How much space do I need for my chickens? When building or buying a coop, a perch should be at least 2 inches wide, preferably with rounded corners (not a broom handle or thin tree branch). The nesting boxes should be near where the hens roost at night.