Ib Toy Box Walkthrough Sample Plans PDF

The Toy Box is an area of the Sketchbook in the game Ib. The first room is filled with mannequin heads, headless statues, and blue dolls. Ib Walkthrough. Examine the box in the middle of the room and open it. Inside the toy box you’ll have a choice to either look for your rose first or look for Gary. When you get out of the toy box, you can save it in a room full of thorns.

ib toy box walkthrough 2I’m currently in the Sketchbook section, where you find the Toy Box. What happens there is that Mary pushes you in, follows you and steals Ib’s rose. Ib: A trip to an art gallery takes an unsettling turn for nine year old Ib. When the lights go out, she suddenly finds herself alone, and something is begging her to journey deeper into the belly of the building. Good: You’ll find your rose near the north edge of the toy box.

Game dimulai dengan event dimana si loli ib dan orang tuanya memasuki art gallery Kau dapat berkeliling lebih dahulu untuk menikmati hasil karya guartena, silahkan berkeliling untuk memeriksa terlebih dahulu sebelum memulai game Nama – nama karyanya dijamin beberapa akan ada??? karena loli kita ini belum mengenali kata tersebut Setelah puas melihat lihat karya guartena, pergilah keatas dan menuju ke bagian bawah untuk memasuki ruangan dengan lukisan besar. Di dalam toy box segala sesuatu yang terjadi tergantung apa yang kamu lakukan. KD Plays Ib Part 21 Inside The Toy Box (Walkthrough). If there are three or more points in this, things will go sour in the toy box. Kicking the mannequin head in the mirror room (instead of having Ib stop Garry).

In Ib, How Do I Prevent Mary From Killing Garry?

ib toy box walkthrough 3Xem phim KD Plays Ib Part 21 Inside The Toy Box Walkthrough, video clip KD Plays Ib Part 21 Inside The Toy Box Walkthrough. Ib. Ib – GOOD ENDING!!! – Ib: Let’s Play- Part 10 (Final). Ib Walkthrough The Sketchbook.. clue about the pink key being in a box. Clue about the pink key being in a box.. by any of the monsters will result in a game over. By any of the monsters will result in a game over. Toybox Walkthrough – Armor Games Candy Box 2 – Walkthrough, Tips, Review – Jay is. Gdy ju zyskamy kontrol nad Ib, idziemy po schodach na gr. Now run crashing all the enemies ahead until you come to a falling toy houses. Jump on one the first box after it fells than jump on the upper left platform getting all 7 Imperial Crowns, invincible Sphere and and picking up a spring.

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