Illuminated Bar Shelves Sample Plans PDF

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Armana produces the finest LED liquor shelves and displays for home and commercial bars. LED illuminated solutions for the home bar market, commercial bar markets, restaurants, and restaurant chains. Our floating led bar shelves are the perfect way to highlight the liquor selection behind your bar or to display just about anything in your home or home bar. We offer a large variety of custom bar shelves, led nightclub furniture, mobile bars and an array of custom led lighted products. All of our products Made in the USA and.

illuminated bar shelves 2Bar shelves – These illuminated LED bar shelves will make your personal bar shine. These bar shelves light up and give your liquor collection a high class unique. The Illuminated Bar Shelves from Armana comprise a home bar display that takes advantage of your liquors’ transparency to create an ambiance of colorful objects. 4 Step Back Bar Shelves These lighted bottle shelves feature a thin first level shelf and a taller second shelf that gives great bottle label.

These cool new LED Lighted Liquor Bottle Shelves illuminate your finest booze just like the top nightclubs in unlimited colors with multiple lighting effects like strobing, fading, dimming, and more. 22 Led Lighted Bar Shelf, Three Step Liquor Bottle Glorifier, Back Bar Shelving. LED Lighted Bars – LED Bar Shelves – LED Bottle Displays – Liquor Display. Find lighted bar shelves at ShopStyle. Shop the latest collection of lighted bar shelves from the most popular stores – all in one place.

Illuminated Led Bar Shelves

illuminated bar shelves 3We have uniquely positioned in the market by offering a wide assortment of Illuminated Bar Shelves. These shelves are highly demanded in lounges, parties and pub areas.

Illuminated Liquor Bottle Shelf