Industrial Sliding Door Track Rollers Sample Plans PDF

Heavy duty pocket door track and rollers for 200 pound doors from Johnson, PCHenderson and Kristrack. Open track and flat track were the earliest styles of sliding door systems first used for barn and stable door operation, and later for garage door application. Myers Stayon Barn Door Rollers Double Roller Industrial Loft. PAIR Antique LOUDEN’S DOUBLE TREAD 1897 Sliding Barn Door Roller Track Hardware.

industrial sliding door track rollers 2Industrial door and gate hardware delivered to your door in the UK. For bottom roller timber or metal doors & gates to 2000kg. Sterling gear is designed for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The bottom roller design is suited to applications where the supporting structure or lintel is insufficient for the weight of the door, or where headroom is limited. Welcome to the premier industrial source for Tracks: Door Hanging. Includes door rollers, overhead trolleys, door hanging tracks, overhead trolley tracks, sliding door tracks, pocket door hardware component parts, bifold hardware & components parts, box track & hardware, by-pass hardware, folding footsteps, folding hand grip, folding steps, hooks & midget louvers, molded bumpers & ventilators.

Industrial Bypass Box Rail is intended for heavy-duty doors with a bypassing set-up. To guide the door at the bottom, upgrade to the Industrial Floor Mount Stay Roller. Find your track and trolley hardware here for sliding curtains and doors. Steel Ball Bearing Swivel Roller for Industrial Curtains – 90 lbs capacity. 5.25. Industrial Sliding Barn Doors. NikoTrack industrial Sliding Barn Doors uses enclosed monorail track and fittings that are low friction and easy to operate for door weights of up to 1600 kgs 3,520 lbs.

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industrial sliding door track rollers 3 Box rail sliding hardware is for both exterior and interior use and can give an industrial look to modern doors or rustic barn doors. ANTIQUE INDUSTRIAL SIX LIGHT WOOD SLIDING DOOR w/ ROLLERS AND TRACKS – so want something like this for door off family room to sunroom! Series 50 Sliding Door System. Runners Series 50 is designed for commercial and agricultural applications such as warehousing, agricultural buildings, stables etc. Series 50 Guide roller 50-62. Sliding Door Gear, Tracks for Industrial Doors, heavy duty range of fittings. They are ideal for commercial and industrial applications such as factories, warehouses, showrooms etc where maximum door opening height is required and where there is sufficient side room. Bottom Track Sliding Doors are excellent for a wide variety of sizes up to 15000mm height and 30000mm width. Door travel is controlled by guide rollers which are either top hung or bottom track depending on the weight of the door or the design required. Sliding door assembly for track, step plate, roller, guide and constraint systems.

Heavy Duty Industrial Bypass Box Rail Barn Door Hardware