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Take your dog out in a downpour and walk back through the door without a worry. What type of floor coverings should be used in front of doors on pine floors? Here’s what I’ve learned about rugs and hardwood floors. For the most part, it simply comes down to personal taste as to what types of rugs you want to place in front of the doors inside your log home. Do you need to protect your expensive hardwood floors from dirty shoes and sand? Look no further! Everything Doormats has a wide selection of stylish welcome mats, home floor mats, and decorative mats.

inside door mats for hardwood floors 2This entry mat is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and won’t fade, mildew or rot. Keep your home looking great with our utility floor mats and water trapper mats. We know you enjoy the outdoors; it’s only natural that some of it will follow you inside. Here is a link that might be useful: waterhog doormat.

Doormats, or a welcome mat, can help keep your floors clean as they help remove dirt and debris from shoes before entering your home. They also absorb wetness to help minimize chances of slips and falls on wet days. So use doormats at every entrance to your home, inside and out. Floor mats also are a good idea near high-traffic or spill-prone spots such as the fridge, the bath and the toilet. American Floor Mats is a leading supplier of entrance mats, floor mats, walk-off mats and door mats. We offer a large selection of floor mats such as indoor and outdoor mats, carpet mats, waterhog mats and rubber mats.

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inside door mats for hardwood floors 3Mud, water and slush are no match for popular Waterhog Doormats from L.L.Bean. Waterhog Floor Mats offers a comprehensive line of Waterhog Mats such as: Waterhog Classic Mats, Waterhog Masterpiece Mats and Waterhog Premier Mats. Waterhog Custom Logo Mats, Waterhog Eco Recycled Entrance Mats and Waterhog Premier Roll Matting. Perfect for heavy-traffic, indoor and outdoor locations. If the door mat inside your home gets wet, hang it up to dry. Don’t let it sit on the hardwood floor while wet. Shut windows near hardwood floors when it is raining. Keeping another doormat inside the door for wet or snowy boots is a great way to keep the moisture from tracking into your whole house. How to Protect Hardwood Floors Year-round. Door mats, welcome mats, and runners can extend the life of your flooring. I disagree, I feel having mats and rugs on my hardwood floors take more of my time. I can’t imagine how much more dirt we’d combat if everyone wore their shoes inside. Doormats don’t require a large investment and they don’t even require the attention of those who will use them. Choose indoor mats that won’t damage or discolor the floor underneath and that fit with the style of the room.

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I need to find a low-profile door mat / carpet to place in the entry way to my house. The 7 Best Low-Cost Alternatives to Hardwood Flooring. To test the boundaries of small-footprint living, interior designer Jessica Helgerson moved her family to a 540-square-foo. I know we will need to get some heavy duty doormats for outside these doors to try to catch as much moisture, dirt, debris, etc., from ever getting into the house, but what should we put inside to protect the floors from anything that is left on our shoes after wiping them on the outside mat? I have heard that you can’t use rubber-backed rugs or mats on hardwood floors because it can damage the floor. One the indoor floors I would go to a good carpet shop and describe exactly what your issue is and what you want. )They have all held up very well and look good on our solid oak floors in the kitchen as well as on the inside of the front door. Is the rubber backing on these mats safe for hardwood? Inside, consider using several mats to create an extended entrance zone, or purchase a larger doormat just for winter. Sponge mops are gentle on hardwood floors, and a Swiffer or a microfiber floor mop can get the job done quickly in between heavy duty mopping.

I have heard you should not use rubber backed mats for finished hardwood floors. So what kind of mats do you use in the inside entry of your house?. In some cases, vinyl-backed mats can also stain wood or carpet floors. To make it easy for you, we’ve made sure that all the mats listed in the indoor and outdoor mats section are safe for use on any type of floor — linoleum, wood, marble, carpet, etc. Welcome guests with this traditional hand-screened doormat. A black double border frames a bold capitalized initial for a personal touch. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as it is. Doormat. Whether this means regular shoveling or liberal use of rock salt, a clean path means less mess to track inside. Accent Rugs Boscov’s: Freshen up your decor with indoor or outdoor accent rugs. They help protect hardwood floors and carpeting, and can add a little warmth to cold stone or tile flooring. Using mats. When laminate or hardwood floors are right inside an exterior entrance door, walk-off mats can help trap dirt, minimize moisture and prevent tracking.