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Installers have various views about whether to schedule the cabinet install before ceramic floor tiles are set, or after. Set on top of stone and seal all base lines with RTV silicone in the appropriate color so spills and cleaning agents can’t run under cabs. Makes the tile installation much easier due to not needing to cut the tiles around the base of the cabinets. 4. If you ever decide to replace the cabinets in a few years the change out will be MUCH easier. One contractor is quoting to install the tile flooring then install new kitchen cabinets on top, the second recommend installing cabinets first then lay the tile. Therefore, if you get a leak, spill on the floor, or flood the floor, the liquid will go in under the cabinet base along the lower grout lines and can mold there, or cause delamination of the base plywood or veneer, and soak into the subfloor. The only two negatives to doing this are the caulk or seal can leave a mark on the tile if you ever changed to shallower cabeints (though can be removed with some effort), and if the water pipes leak behind the cabinets then the water can not get out to the kitchen floor, so can leak downstairs before you notie it.

install base cabinets before or after tile 2Should I install the ceramic first then base cabinets on top of that, or cabinets first then tile up to and around the base cabinets. I’ll most likely be using adjustable leg levelers on the base cabs if that makes a difference in your opinion. I just figured I would replace the tile floor before I ever replace the cabinets. If ever there was a number 1 reason to tile after installing the cabinets this would be it. What’s more, some worry that by installing cabinets first, it will be harder to switch them out in the future, as you’ll be stuck with the same cabinet footprint you had before. For this reason, some experts recommend installing wood floors after you finish your cabinets. For a kitchen with moderate usage you can use either a ceramic or porcelain tile, either would be durable enough for what you need. Currently there are vinyl floor tiles which we will be ripping out and there is a concrete floor underneath. We are wondering whether to get the tiling done first, i.e. tile the entire kitchen floor and then install the cabinets over the floor, or install the cabinets directly onto the concrete floor, and then tile up to the cabinets.

The guy bidding the cabinet installation wanted to install the cabinets before I tiled so the cabinets would rest directly on the ply subfloor (result: the floor is only tiled where folks will see it). What if the base cabinets are not going against the wall like an island do you still set the cabinets on top of the tile and how do you affix them?. I just don’t trust the flooring crews to cut these moldings properly so I return after they are done with the floors. With tile installed after, especially with a diagonal pattern, your setter will need to take more care to get a tight joint along the toe-kick. I never have the option of installing floors before cabinets so my opinions are founded in speculation alone. If you have the choice – for the best posible appearance tile, cabinets, door trim, base boards – dont worry about the floor being level causing the cabinets to need shimming, the toe-kick go in last hiding any floor discrepancy – you should also leave tiles out that are next to the walls under the cabinet as this will also help with leveling of the cabinets however this does not include the area that an appliance fall over such as a dishwasher & stoves or fridge. Those are all good reasons to lay a kitchen floor after the cabinets are in. But if you have to install the flooring first, here’s a method that will avoid some of the problems I just described. Put all the base cabinets in place, then mark a line on the subfloor corresponding to the front edge of the toekick.

Cabinets Or Tile Install First?

install base cabinets before or after tile 3I am looking for all ideas on tiling before or after installing kitchen cabinets. This is a 100 year old house with some uneven floors and we are using large tile(natural slate) 16×16. I’d opt for a smaller tile. Both your stove and dish washer will have adjustable feet so that you can raise and lower these. Should I run this under the cabinets, or put it in after the cabinets are installed? It’s much easier to install the tile before the cabinets so we don’t have to make a bunch of cuts around the cabinet bases, and we don’t have to put quarter round down to hide the cut ends. I am putting in some Allure vinyl tile flooring in a bathroom. Should this go under the cabinet or around it? The cabinet has not arrived yet but the cabinet maker said to put in the flooring under the cabinet. Our real wood, unfinished walnut floors and all floor tiles were installed before baseboards. It is also more difficult to install wood flooring after base cabinets have been installed (especially where the recessed toe kick is). This is best acheived after the units are fitted and accurate dimensions can be taken. This way you can ensure equal cuts infront of the units so the finished job looks perfect. Do the base cabs just sit on the plywood subfloor, or maybe some luan on top of that? In the kitchen that we ripped out, a tile floor had been put down on top of a vinyl floor as part of the previous owner’s kitchen ‘refresh’. Also, by coating twice before the install it protects the wood from any future water problems since the wood is sealed.

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Tile the whole floor after the drywalling and before just about everything else. Before installing a cabinet, sealing the grout on the entire floor, including the area where the cabinet will be positioned, with a commercial grout sealer helps prevent water absorption and moisture migration through the grout. Most brands advise waiting 48 to 72 hours after grouting the tile for the grout to cure before applying sealer. We install cabinets in hundreds of homes that get tile floors and almost always install the cupboards before the tile goes in. If cabinets are on base floor & flooring installed last I run flooring into appliance area so they slide in & out easily. Also, installing the cabinets directly on the (sub)floor then tiling with ceramic tiles can reduce the toe-kick space. That is an annoyance that will last the entire lifetime of the kitchen. We have to redo the tile in the kitchen and the people before us tiled everything then put the cabinets on top of the tile. Now we need to cut the tiles that the cabinet sits on to remove them and re-tile the place. After reading everything I’m thinking I might just put down backer board across the whole area. If you don’t tile under base cabinets and do so under appliances, same problem, the DW won’t fit. Min.

I would install the base after tile work for the only reason that it will keep it out of the way of the tile installers. i would hate to see something that nice get messed up by a falling tile. I allow one day to return to all trim jobs for shoe mold, base that buts into cabinets, and door locks. How to install a tile floor in a kitchen Host Paul Ryan and homeowners Male 1: Let’s start over on this corner Save on Replacing Kitchen Cabinets; How to Choose a Brush to install the floor tile before or after the installation of the new base cabinets? was installed over the tile.