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I’m putting in a test run of 4′ welded wire (2X4 mesh) fence 200′ or so. The grade is not as important as to whether the hill is straight slope or if it has a round to it or a dip. 65 it cost me I can replace it every 2 years for the next 20 years and still spend less than what they wanted to have a pro install it. How to Install a Wire Fence on Uneven Ground. A wire fence is generally constructed with steel T posts and four or five strands of barbed wire. Wooden posts are set at the corners as well as every 100 feet for wire support. This type of fence is often constructed over uneven ground with dips and hills to contend with. In spite of the terrain, the wire always follows the lay of the land and. I’m installing woven wire fence about 9 feet beyond the existing high tensile in hopes of keeping him for getting in really big trouble. The terrain in the back of the field is uneven and goes down and then up a hill in the first 200 feet.

install wire fence on hill 2T posts and four or five strands of barbed wire. Wooden posts are set at the corners as well as every 100 feet See more about Wire Fence, Fence and Wire. Learn more at How to Install a Wire Fence on a Hill. eHow. We’re trying to put welded wire fencing up for a larger chicken run. Our entire yard is on a slope. If you’ve already put up your fence, this probably won’t help you, but if you’ve got some left to install, you might give it a try. You could also just bend the wire at the bottom to make the apron that some people use around their coops to protect against predators that want to dig their way in. I’m planning on installing some woven wire fencing this current estimate is three 330′ rolls. I’ve got the corners down pat it is the stretching that I’m unsure of. do I stretch from bottom of the hill to the top then reset and stretch again going down hill (this is the only option for the 200′ section, both ends in a low spot with a high hill between).

The last step in fence construction is installation of the wire. Use the following general procedure: Install and stretch the wire in sections running from one corner or brace post assembly to the next. The more fence you put up the better quality tool you should consider. Fences Etc., Inc is proud to serve Grover Hill, CT and provide Barbed Wire Fence – Install services within the Grover Hill, CT area. With over 35 years of experience servicing Grover Hill, CT, Fences Etc., Inc has assembled a superior team of experts in the field when it comes to Barbed Wire Fence – Install.

How To Install A Wire Fence On Uneven Ground

See Figures ‘A’ and ‘B’. My quick hand drawn illustration Another quicky hand drawn illustration. Making The Bias Cut. Install the top rail. Tie the chain link loosely to the top rail in the proper postion on the rail, so it follows parallel to the top rail. Aligning the fence line on rolling ground: (a) place two stakes about 10 feet apart on the top of the hill so both are visible from either end stake and align the two center stakes (C and D) from one of the end stakes; and (b) check alignment of center stakes from other end stake. (use a string for a straight line). Tie/staple your wire to a corner and stretch it to the next corner then repeat till done. Hang your gate and thats it. 6-8 or 6-8′? Also, how do you deal with dips or hills between corners? TAG. Find Barbed Wire Fence Installers in Cherry Hill, NJ to help you Install a Barbed Wire Fence. All Cherry Hill contractors are prescreened. Without a guide wire (or one that is installed too quickly) your fence posts will not be in a straight line. If you are going over hills and thru dips, then you will need to physically walk out to all the high spots and assure that the guide wire is in a straight line without any obstructions, horizontally. As one of the largest suppliers and installers of chain wire fencing and gates, we at All Hills Fencing have the experience & expertise to manage your next chain wire fencing project from start to finis. We can install an additional top rail on-top of your fence to give it added security and durability.

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Chain link fence installation is a fairly straightforward process when putting in the fence on level ground because the straight fence panel edges line up with the vertical posts to form a right. Install the top, middle, and bottom tension bands to the terminal end post where you need to bias-cut the fencing fabric.