Install Xenon Under Cabinet Lighting Sample Plans PDF

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The best time to install wiring for undercabinet lights is during a kitchen remodel, before the walls are covered with drywall. Each of our fixtures has a built-in electronic transformer to power the low-voltage xenon bulbs but is powered by standard 120-volt current. Also, we are installing a dimmer for the lights that will keep them at a lower setting most of the time. We also have an installation video to learn how easy they are to install in your home or office. Once you see how simple it is to install xenon lights under cabinets, you can start browsing our selection to take the next step towards adding illumination and style to your residential or commercial setting.

install xenon under cabinet lighting 2Install under-cabinet lighting in order to improve the workability and appearance of your kitchen. Incandescent under-cabinet lights are typically equipped with either halogen or xenon bulbs. Lay out lights on countertop, directly under the intended installation location, spacing lights less than 13 inches apart. Learn about different types of cabinet lighting installations. This is the under-cabinet system most familiar to an electrician/installer.

Install the 3-Light Metal White Under-Cabinet Xenon Light Bar to add extra lighting in your kitchen, study or entertainment center. There are also incandescent, halogen, LED and xenon bulbs. I installed the under-cabinet lighting in this kitchen in a morning.

Installing Under-cabinet Lighting

install xenon under cabinet lighting 3Choose an under-cabinet lighting kit. There are many different types of light to consider. You can choose from LED, fluorescent, incandescent, halogen or Xenon lights. LED or Xenon Pucks (recessed): To install LED or xenon under cabinet lighting pucks, the cabinet bottoms are simply drilled out (whatever spacing you prefer) with the correct size hole saw bit recommended by the manufacturer (the hole saw can be attached to an ordinary cordless drill). Undercabinet pricing (including installation) is coming in at approx. 1,000 for Xenon and 1,300 for LED. This seems really high. But is it???? Under cabinet lighting is a great way to flood countertops with light. Under cabinets lights are fairly easy to install, and there are many types both high and low voltage.

Ge 18 In. Xenon White Linkable Undercabinet Light-10263