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installing base cabinets in a corner 1

If you’re planning to install base cabinets, careful measurement, adequate shimming, and secure fastening will be key to a high-quality, professional-looking installation. Now you’re ready to install the first cabinet, typically a corner unit. When installing kitchen cabinets, start with the upper cabinet boxes, and install the base cabinets, and finally, add the doors. To turn a corner with base cabinets, push the adjoining cabinet in place and clamp the two units together. Installation of the Corner Wall Cabinet Nail a 1 x 2 wood furring strip with its bottom edge on the tall or wall cabinet line that you previously marked. Installation of the Base Cabinets in the Corner WHEN USING A CORNER BLIND CABINET proceed as follows: Shim so the top of the cabinet is at the 34 1/2 mark on the wall.

installing base cabinets in a corner 2In this tutorial we will cover the installation of the base cabinets. The basics of installing base cabinets: Start in a corner, connect adjacent units by screwing the face frames together, shim and screw to wall. Bob opted for one-piece corner cabinets — one base and an upper unit — but manufacturers also offer separate cabinets made to fit together. If you’re installing a square-back or blind corner, you can skip this step.

It is easier to install wall cabinets before installing base cabinets. If you install your base cabinets first then you have to reach over them and worry about scratching them. Install a corner wall cabinet or end wall cabinet first, and make sure it is level.

Installing Base Cabinets Tutorial

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