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We were simultaneously trying to hang Ikea cabinets in our laundry room and re-hook up the washer & dryer, but as of yesterday morning we were sort of stuck half-way through both projects and this was the best progress shot we thought we’d have for you today:. Whether you fantasize about a transformed kitchen or a more efficient laundry room, you’ll like this reality check: Cabinet installation – a project that dramatically influences the functionality and style of a room – is not a daunting undertaking. Discover thousands of images about Laundry Room Cabinets on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas.

installing cabinets laundry room 2Learn how to make over your laundry room using pre-made cabinets and shelving systems; includes tips, materials and tool lists. Breathe life into your kitchen, garage, laundry room or closets with new cabinets. Our three-part installation series shows you how to complete the job. How to Install Cabinets in a Laundry Room. Adding functional storage to your laundry room makes laundry chores a bit more convenient. Cabinets located above and/or next to your washer and dryer help keep the area organized and tidy.

The basic installation sequence is straightforward: You want to get everything straight, plumb, and level. But more often than not, the room itself lacks those attributes. If that’s not enough you should consider installing under cabinet lighting. Hi all, I am mounting a single wall cabinet in my laundry room. However, there are no studs in the wall behind it. Google wasn’t much of a help.

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Here are five places to think about installing new cabinetry: 1. The laundry room is often a great place for clutter to collect in your home. Explore laundry room cabinet ideas at HGTV Remodels for pictures and tips on how to use cabinets to add beauty and storage to your laundry room. Installing cabinets so they go all the way up the wall to the ceiling will maximize your space for storage. Today begins the last week of what has been pretty much the most amazing summer of my entire adult life. Andy is off for the summer, and it’s my first summer not working since early high school. Posts: 16,478. Moving cabinets in a laundry room is a pretty easy task, I would just do so myself. Its all about after the initial install IMO. I wish I knew just how easy installing wall cabinets was, I would have hung then in my laundry room years ago. Step-by-step tutorial showing how to hang wall cabinets in under an hour. In the typical home, the laundry room is in the basement, and for good reason: Washers and dryers are notoriously noisy contraptions. Putting a washer and dryer in a room that’s never before held heavy appliances? STORAGE Although designed for other applications, closet storage organizers and kitchen cabinets adapt well for the purpose of minimizing clutter in the laundry room.

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I am going to show you how to install upper cabinets, and this officially makes the laundry room a construction zone. When I took the above picture, notice the washer is on and running.