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Chair rail placement is something that’s frequently misunderstood. A rail is meant to cap the top of a room’s dado, or wainscoting, and to keep a chair’s back from scraping the wall when pushed up against it (fig. Installing the rail at the appropriate height will always emphasize the sweep of a high-ceilinged room (fig. Installing a chair rail in a bedroom may be a design dilemma for the aspiring decorator. A standard wall height is approximately 8 feet from floor to ceiling, or 96 inches. The height of your chairs. Whether or not you are installing the chair rail to prevent damage to the wall, compare its height to your furnishings. It will help achieve a unified look.

installing chair rail height 2 Sometimes it looks a little more dramatic if you put it a little higher and then install crown molding which can make the ceiling look a little taller. I am going to be installing some chair rail and was wondering about the height to place it. This will allow you to choose the height that appeals to you most before ever cracking a can of paint. Chair rail moulding is a great way to spruce up a room and protect its walls from wily and dangerous chair backs. In our case we measured 40 up from the floor and used this as the height.

Watch this video to find out how to install chair rail molding in your home, including the proper height and how to cut joints and return profiles. Chair rail wood molding can transform the appearance of your living room, dining room or hallway, and installation goes quickly when you prefinish the wood. Chair rails don’t have a specific height requirement. As a true construction kid, I learned how to estimate and install wainscoting before I learned to spell it.

Chair Rail Trim Molding Height

installing chair rail height 3It is generally affixed horizontally along a wall at a height of approximately 900mm 1000mm, or about 1/3 of the way up from the floor. USEFUL PORTA DIY VIDEO – How to install a Chair rail/ Dado rail? Installing Wainscoting, Baseboards and Chair Rail. To beef up the chair rail, we first added a four inch base piece. We then, measured & cut each piece & nailed it in place with the top at the height of 39 inches.

How To Install Chair Rail Molding