Installing Concealed Cabinet Hinges Sample Plans PDF

Also known as cup hinges or European hinges, concealed hinges install on the inside of the door. Unlike traditional, exterior butt hinges, hidden hinges can adjust after installation to perfectly hang the door. Place the cup portion of a hinge on the back of the cabinet door where you want to install it. On the other hand, concealed hinges (also known as Euro hinges) are available in dozens of self-closing configurations. How to Install Inset Cabinet Doors. When the door is closed the hinges are completely concealed.

Measuring and fitting instructions for our Kitchen Hinges – How to measure and fit kitchen cabinet hinges from Eurofit Direct. View all of the Concealed Hinges from Eurofit Direct. Originally only available from European manufacturers, today concealed hinges are readily available in hardware stores stateside. Installing concealed hinges is an easy way to make cabinets look seamless. In this clip from Discovery Channel’s Gimme Shelter, Lynda Lyday installs interior cabinet hinges to give old cabinets a fresh look.

How to Install Hidden Cabinet Hinges. Older cabinets had exposed hinges which mounted on the outside of the face plate of the cabinets. Nowadays, most cabinets have hidden hinges which, in the cabinet industry, is called a European hinge or a hidden hinge.

Measuring And Fitting Instructions For Our Kitchen Hinges

How To Install Hidden Cabinet Hinges