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Do I need to reinforce my cabinets or floor when installing natural stone countertops? After cabinets are installed, it’s time to measure for the granite countertops. It’s wise to be very precise. Prepare to Install Granite Countertops. You’ll need help working with granite slabs. Install -inch (1.905-centimeter) plywood to the tops of the cabinets.

installing granite countertops on existing cabinets 2Learn how granite countertops are installed; includes details on templating granite fabrication as well as its installation. Tape Control Your Existing Garage Door from Anywhere Using Your Smartphone Embossed Ceiling Tiles Add Elegance to a Room. Granite countertops can often be extended beyond the cabinets to give an added functionality to kitchen spaces. Installation of a 4 back splash of granite over the existing tile. Bob talks with contractors Jim Azerroe and Mike Burk. Jim is installing a granite kitchen countertop, while Mike puts in the new cabinets and drawers.

Watch Fox Granite Countertops owner Greg Fox explain the process of installing granite countertops. In addition to clearing off your countertops, you’d also want to empty your cabinets, just the lower ones underneath the countertops. If this was a cooktop where there was a cabinet here and the countertop went all the way over, we would want you to let us know if you’re reusing your existing cooktop that we got to cut a hole out for, or if you bought a new one. Can’t we just move the granite slab, replace the cabinets, and put the slab back in place?. In all other instances, our crew will use a proprietary cabinet frame reinforcement process, which will bulk up your existing cabinet frames if needed. With the latter option, we have to rip out every single component of your old cabinets – much of which functions just fine – in order to install brand new materials. Usually they install the cabinets level then after that here in Michigan they install the countertop without plywood,shims are often used while installing the granite countertop to make sure it comes up even. There is not such thing as level floors and walls, the installer needs to shim cabinets to level them to the existing irregular surfaces.

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installing granite countertops on existing cabinets 3Chris Hildebrand Affordable Quality Marble & Granite Inc. Most of my jobs are measured over existing cabinets. The few times they are off, we get the homeowner involved. Once I am at the job site prepared to install counter tops, it’s going to happen that day! I don’t care if I have to reset them all. Corian countertops are among the most popular solid surface cabinets available. If you are replacing an existing countertop with a new one, be sure to factor the following costs into your budget:. If you’re replacing existing countertops, measure them to get the total surface area. Installing a granite or marble countertop may also require adding structural support to underlying cabinets since the slabs are extremely heavy. A more affordable option for stone countertops is purchasing and installing marble or granite tiles. We also install tile and do complete remodels. Serving Raleigh, Cary, Holly Springs, Apex, Durham, Fuquay Varina, Garner & Beyond. A: To replace your existing counter tops and cabinets, it would take 4 to 5 days. Q: How much does granite and new cabinets typically cost? A: For most kitchens in the Triangle, it would cost between 2,000 and 5,000 to replace your existing counter tops depending on size and stone selection. Learn more about installing granite countertops at HowStuffWorks. If you’re installing granite in a kitchen, pull out the stove and refrigerator and remove the sink from the existing countertop. If the old top was screwed on, empty the lower cabinets and pull out all drawers and doors. (People think concrete is cheaper, but it is actually the same as granite because of the labor in the long run) So, my husband decided to go right over the existing countertop with Level Quick concrete. So we painted the cabinets with glossy white and added some stainless hardware. This was an experiment to pour concrete over the top of existing countertops.

Granite Countertop Installation Process Overview

Stone Interiors does not use arrises, unless requested, when installing granite countertops. Seams are assembled and the small chips are filled with polyester resin. We do not normally use arrises when installing granite countertops as it makes the seams appear much wider. Do I need to have the existing countertops removed prior to the templating date? Most cabinets can easily handle the weight of natural stone countertops. I did that last year — installing granite tiles on my kitchen countertop. Refacing your cabinets can cost half as much as replacing them, and saves time and stress associated with the demolition of existing cabinetry.

Before you can apply the sealer you need to clean your countertops with denatured alcohol. If your install date is already set, but you need more time to complete the removal work we can reschedule the installation appointment with you as long as we get a 48 hour notice. A) If you have existing cabinets, the wall cabinet should be able to remain installed for the final measure appointment. Installing an Ikea farmhouse sink in an existing cabinet. August 25, 2011. I wish we could do what you did but cutting into granite is just not an option for us. So love it! Looks like you put in new counter tops as well.