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10 Things You Must Know About Installing a Fence. Installing a fence is as easy as 1-2-3 if you take these tips into consideration. I want to install 6′ high wood privacy fence going up a hill. I have never installed a fence but the local companies around here want an arm and a leg. If you are installing a fence on a hill, you may need to take the slope into account. You have two choices: you can follow the contour or you can build a stepped fence.

installing privacy fence hill 2How to Build a Privacy Fence on a Hill the Right Way. Privacy fences restrict viewing into and out of the fenced in area. The most common types of fencing materials used for privacy fences are wood and vinyl. How to Build a Privacy Fence on a Hill the Right Way. Bob talks with a fencing expert about installing a white-cedar fence in sloped areas at the Melrose house.

I have a stretch of lawn that I will be installing a privacy fence on. 1) So, I could just follow the land. Using these dimensions, make 3 marks on the two posts at the very end of the line – the down-hill-most, and the up-hill-most. If you are talking about installing a wooden stockade fence—yes, it’s widely done by simply following the slope of the land. Thus, start at the top of the hill with the post hole digger & dig your first hole 2′ deep, place some small rocks or crushed stone in bottom of hole & insert post. People want privacy fences for various reasons, whether to protect property, keep in pets and children, or keep out neighbors. You must also set a post on top of each slope or hill.

How To Build A Privacy Fence On A Hill The Right Way

Building a fence on a hill or slope is a challenge, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Let’s look at some of the techniques you can use when installing a fence on a slope or a hill. A scalloped Shadowbox partial privacy fence from The Fence Authority, built on a slope. There are two existing methods for installing a fence on variable sloping terrains – stepping or racking. Will rack indefinitely, see note below. Post & Rail. 2 with 8′ long rail. 10. Privacy. In other words, the ground should be steadily flat, rising, or falling between your two markers, rather than having a hill or valley, to ensure your pickets come out straight. When our gate starts to sag, I will be installing a turnbuckle. You can see how raked panels follow the slope of the ground while stepped panels gradually make their way up the hill like steps, leaving triangular gaps at each end post. Six- or seven-foot spans usually work well; never set privacy-fence posts more than 8 feet apart. If you’re building your fence on a slope, plan to step the fence down the hill, setting each section lower than the one preceding it. (For basic information on installing posts, see our Home Improvement Encyclopedia.) Check each post for plumb by holding a level to two adjacent faces; nail braces to hold posts upright. When installing a sloped fence onto a particularly hilly area, there are multiple fence installation methods.

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How to Install a Privacy Fence. Installing a fence will add some much needed privacy to your property. There are a wide variety of options for every budget and aesthetic taste. Read on for tips on how to rack or step a fence up or down a slope when building on unlevel ground to keep the post and pickets or fence panels plumb. Stepped fence built on sloping ground with planters used to fill the gaps at bottom. A fence can provide several things: privacy, a weather barrier, containment for children or pets, protection from intruders, or merely decoration. This will serve as your guideline for installing the posts. For a step-down fence, determine the height difference between the top of the hill and the bottom, and divide that number by the number of sections. Build a Privacy Fence. If you’re thinking about a new fence, consider this: Vinyl fences last practically forever with no maintenance whatsoever. This article will show you how to plan and build a vinyl fence.

I have neighbors who sit on the deck and stare..I have a 6′ fence that sits on top of a 4′ retaining wall, but because we’re on a hill the neighbors have a direct view of my back yard. Ready to take on a DIY fence installation project? One of the important final steps before installing your fence is to know the sizes of the sections you’ll need and account for any inconsistencies up front. Privacy Policy Web Design by Wood Street, Inc. Slopes and contours add character to a yard, but they also introduce problems when it comes time to build on them. Installing a fence on uneven ground is tricky, but several fence design options,. How much should wood privacy fence installation REALLY cost in 2016? For a basic 25 linear feet project, the cost to Install a Wood Privacy Fence averages 21. Are you interested in installing privacy fence in Mine Hill, NJ? The professionals at Challenger Fence, Inc. can help you. Our friendly and knowledgeable fence experts can help you pick out and install a privacy fence in Mine Hill, NJ that fits your needs.