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I’m installing woven wire fence about 9 feet beyond the existing high tensile in hopes of keeping him for getting in really big trouble. The terrain in the back of the field is uneven and goes down and then up a hill in the first 200 feet. I’m putting in a test run of 4′ welded wire (2X4 mesh) fence 200′ or so. The grade is not as important as to whether the hill is straight slope or if it has a round to it or a dip. I’m planning on installing some woven wire fencing this current estimate is three 330′ rolls. I fence up and down hills, and have to stretch at every terrain change.

installing woven wire fence on a hill 2How To Install Red Brand Woven Wire Horse Fence – video teaches you how to install woven wire horse fence & other types of woven wire fences. Strong Bracing For Woven Wire Fence – video shows you the step-by-step procedure for making wood post bracing. Uneven ground always presents a challenge, especially if you’re installing welded wire mesh. We have all the fencing tacked up, now we just need to figure out a) how to stretch it and/or b) how the heck you use one of those fence stretchers that you can buy at TSC, that is just a board with a piece of steel attached to it. You need to tighten it from post to post as you install it. I’ve been known to flatten out a few hills and build up others to make it more conducive to appropriate fencing.

Special instructions for installing woven wire are:. Stretch the fence slowly, making sure tension is being applied evenly to all points. I mount my fence on T posts and it is wavy as hell. High tensile woven wire with hickory PasturePro posts. We’ve been using high tensile woven wire for our new perimeter fences over the last couple of years. This has eliminated the headache of stretching the wire on hills and dips by allowing us to vary the tension on the top and bottom wires.

How To Install Red Brand Woven Wire Horse Fence

Wooden posts are set at the corners as well as every 100 feet for wire support. This type of fence is often constructed over uneven ground with dips and hills to contend with. I am installing 48 field fence 330′ rolls. Re: Fence post and Hills? In Iowa a legal farm fence must be 3 ft woven wire with 3 strands of Barbwire abouve it or 5 strands of barbed wire( I believe there are specific measurements between the wires too). We’re trying to put welded wire fencing up for a larger chicken run. If you’ve already put up your fence, this probably won’t help you, but if you’ve got some left to install, you might give it a try. I’m going to bid a job that requires woven field type fence, but I’ve never put any up before. Clamp the 2 bys tight to the wire and pull with whatever. If you are going on hills or uneven ground, you have to travel the length of wire to make sure it is not getting caught on the ground, lifting it up once and a while. I just picked up 400′ of 5′ welded wire fencing and 50 6 1/2′ t posts with clips. Also, how do you deal with dips or hills between corners? TAG. Your fencing installation is a reflection of the pride you have in your property. What do I do on hills and slopes?

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You will need to install fencing that is deep enough underground that pigs won’t root too far underneath to escape. There are many other methods how to wire up hill-fences, so research and find out what may be the easiest method for you to use. How to install a fence: fence post installation, galvanized wire fence attachment, fence cost. It is similar to ringlock and other woven wire fences designed for livestock. Installing a woven wire fence on a hill on your own can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on labor and installation costs. I have been doing a lot of reading about fencing design. For my project I am going to be installing a four foot tall woven wire fence at a state park in South-East Wisconsin.

People put up a welded wire fence for different reasons: to keep animals out of a garden, to protect their property, or to fence in their outdoor pool. High-tensile wire fence is an effective barrier for controlling and protecting livestock. Installation of brace assemblies frequently requires up to half the total fence construction time.