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Move the Iron Gym Workout Bar to the ground and you can use it to perform dips to work your triceps, pushups to work your biceps and chest, and sit ups to hit your abs. With this type of doorway pull up bar, you don’t need to drill holes, attach fasteners, or use any screws, bolts, or tools at all. This Instructable will show you how to assemble your Iron Gym (29 ish). This piece of equipment is great because the user does not have to drill any holes in their door frames. Use the medium size screws to attach the arm bars to the grip bar. When you’re ready to work your upper body, this gym workout bar can be installed on most door frames. This bar is compact and easy to store when not in use.

iron gym door bar 2Everything you need to know before buying a door frame pull up bar: Different types & alternatives how they work weight limits muscle toning workouts damage installation and more. This multifunctional exercise bar, constructed of heavy duty steel, gives you a total upper body workout without the need for large, clunky equipment. After three months of researching doorway pull-up bars and eight hours of testing six top-rated models on nine different door frames, we found the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym is the best for most people. The other model I tested included the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout: Extreme Edition, which is the best-selling multiple grip variation unit.

Iron Gym Perfect Upper Body Workout Excercise Bar Doorway Pullup Chin Up Sit up. The Iron Gym total workout bar is great for exercising your upper body. It helps tone your chest, arms and back at your own speed. The Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar is your standard, over door pull up bar that is part of the popular Iron Gym brand. It’s ideal for deal for pull ups, push ups, chin ups, dips, crunches, and more, and allows a three grip position for wide, neutral, or narrow workouts.

Doorway Pull Up Bar Guide What To Know Before You Buy

Yes, but it was because my door frame is shit. The actual bar (Iron Gym something or other) has been excellent. Just make sure your door frame can comfortably take the weight and check to see if it’s unstable after usage. The Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar is a versatile pullup bar that attaches to the top of your doorway without any fasteners. You cannot, of course, close the door with the Iron Gym attached. But if used on, say, a bedroom door, it is some solace that the assembled bar turns out to be compact enough to slide under a typical bed. Ontel Iron Gym. Three grip positions, narrow, wide, and neutral; Uses leverage to hold against the doorway so there are no screws and no damage to door. The door way pull up bar standard max weight is 300 pounds. The Iron Gym Pull Up Bar is a popular doorway pull up bar choice by online purchasers. IRON GYM DOOR GYM PULL UP BAR PUSH UP BAR DOOR UP BAR IRON GYM DOOR GYM PULL UP BAR PUSH UP BAR DOOR UP BAR.

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The Iron Gym training bar attaches to door frames in seconds without the use of tools, enabling exercisers weighing up to 300 pounds to perform chin-ups and pull-ups on its sturdy platform.