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Wood Countertop in the Kitchen. FAQ from readers about my counters. Hmmm I wonder if it was the same idea. Except I usually picture butcher block as narrower strips of wood? Maybe? Good question! Maybe someone will know the answer?!. Q: I love the idea of a wood countertop in a kitchen, but with all the different types, finishes, and maintenance recommendations, how do I find one that’s right for me?. Cutting boards and chopping blocks exist for good reason: They get scratched and dinged and acquire a well-worn look from hard use so that your other surfaces do not. Being able to make your countertops good as new with a little elbow grease is a cool trait that’s unique to butcher block. I have dallied with the idea of wood counter-tops in an island with a sink.

is wood countertops a good idea 2Yes, wood is a good choice, but it does require some attention. This Old House’s guide to buying, installing, and maintaining these countertops will ensure that the surface you select will look and perform beautifully for years. Unsure whether wood countertops are a good fit for your home? An expert weighs in. Read on to find out if wood countertops are the right choice for you. What woods can be used for countertops? While maple and bamboo may be the most popular species on account of their availability and sustainability, many hardwoods are equally well-suited for countertops. I found it was pretty important to get a good amount of Waterlox on the counters when applying but not to where it was pooling. I do know that the cutting was a challenge because the wood was solid and thick.

Today we look at the beautiful warmth of butcher block countertops. Styles: Edge grain butcher block tops have parallel wood rails that run the length of the piece. Face grain wood countertops show off the wood’s beauty and are a good choice for a decorative countertop. They also tend to be the softer variety of the three styles or grain orientation, meaning less dent resistant than edge or end grain. Natural and completely down-to-earth, a wood countertop can provide a rustic or luxurious finish to your kitchen area. See also: Kitchen Remodeling Ideas, Options and Solutions.

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One Old World idea coming back into vogue in today’s modern homes: wood countertops. As homeowners pore over options in kitchen and bath design in the constantly changing world of styles, more are turning to unique, out-of-the-box ideas. Before I finished my brand new Ikea butcherblock countertops the first time, I did my research. The wood is incredibly dry, and desperately needs a protective finish. Yep. Face grain lamination is good for hardwood floors, but not good for kitchen counter tops. Looking for countertop ideas? For example, just because your countertop is wood doesn’t mean you should cut on it — you should still use a chopping block or cutting board. Wooden countertops have been around for a long. It’s tempting to cut, dice and chop directly on these wood countertops, but it’s not necessarily a good idea. Rustic dream kitchen with white cabinets and wooden countertops. Might be good alternative to having custom upper cabinets made because of the slopped ceiling. We began considering the use of IKEA counter tops after seeing it in quite a few blogger projects around the Internet, and after a few commenters here and on our various other social media profiles suggested (ahem, insisted) we give it a look. Your pics gave me a very good idea of how the finished product would look, and something to show the Hubs.

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The cost of the countertop actually goes beyond just the wood, though. Good idea to put up the sheet metal on top of the dishwasher. -Josh. Here are 3 examples of DIY kitchen wood countertops from HouseLogic. Plus, they look downright awesome paired with the enduring good looks of a white kitchen. Waterproof Beauty Image: Erica Hebel of On Bliss Street If you’re thinking, Yeah, wood counters look great, but can they stand up to water? The answer is yes if you follow Erica Hebel’s lead. Tip: Need a quick makeover idea for an outdated counter? A wood countertop in a bathroom has to be watched for signs of damage or rot because of its frequent exposure to moisture, but a product like polyurethane or Waterlox that renders it waterproof is the key to long term functionality and beauty. Shower Design Ideas. Marble is the absolute favorite countertop material, but not only does it cost way more than people want to spend on their hallway bathroom, but even if it was in the budget I think I would have a heck of a time finding a marble that would look good with the marble-ish floor tile I chose. We have granite countertops around the perimeter of our kitchen at home. When I chose the 2 cm thickness, I was warned that it might not be a good idea because kids climb up on the countertops and they might not hold up to the weight but they’ve held up just fine under the strain of my monkey children.

The metal is put over wood to keep the denting and dinging effect to a minimum. Now you have the idea of what you can expect when you have this type of counter in your kitchen. Using small amounts of wood countertops in kitchens with other countertop materials. Generally, it’s not a good idea to use end grain construction in a top that will be housing a sink. How to seal & stain wooden countertops – the ins and outs of making a countertop switch and how to care for them. Even if the spot monsters haven’t visited yours, it’s still a good idea to sand it a little to help the stain take.