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Although Vietnamese pellets are very price competitive, Japanese buyers require forest management certificates for imports, which not all Vietnamese producers can provide. Japanese wood pellet mills utilize a variety of raw materials, with almost half of the total raw material consisting of shavings, but also a significant amount of bark and forest residues. Price levels of industrial wood pellets are comparable to CIF ARA prices: about 130 /ton. Wood pellet market report analyses the global and region wood pellet market in the past years and forecasts wood pellet trends in 2015 to 2020. The grow of residential pellet market is largely driven by the price of alternative fuels while the industrial pellets production is driven by EU Member State mandates and incentives. In 2009, Japan imported around 49,000 tons of wood pellets, which were mainly from Canada.

japan wood pellet price 2Offering the world’s lowest prices, market observers wonder how long it can continue. Each month, around 90,000 tons of wood pellets are collected and exported in this manner from Vietnam. But whether they be in Japan or Europe, convincing other buyers that wood pellets manufactured in Vietnam are high quality may be an uphill battle. The market for industrial wood pellets in Japan seems to be taking the form of an oligopsony (small number of buyers, large number of sellers). Given the low labor costs in China, cost and availability may change, but the sources with respect to available wood biomass should be similar. Japan. Biofuels Annual. Jul 2014 / News / AgroChart – Prices. Trade. Hence, imports of wood pellets are expected to increase further. II.

From 18 May 2015 to 21 May 2015, Japan Biomass Power Conference was celebrated by CMTEVENTS. (biomass energy) and other related fields of biomass fuel business in Japan market such as standard specifications, long-term contract and fixed price in a period. Reliable wood pellet machine price conveyer with Functional made in Japan. Tapping on the Growing Biomass Demand in China, Japan & South Korea. Japan is expected to increase importation of energy chips and wood pellets. The proposed biomass projects will also prove to be an alternative source of income for the local sugar industry that is reeling under the decline of sugar prices which is said to fall further in the future.

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18.5 Mt of wood pellets were produced globally in 2012, with around one third of which were produced in North America and largely shipped to Europe. Every Friday, CTI includes a weekly biomass supplement containing a wood pellet market comment, CIF ARA industrial wood pellet price assessment and pellet generation spreads. Without carbon tax, the pellet price should be less than 35 JPY/kg for the market penetration. Global industrial wood pellet demand is expected to more than double by 2020 to about 29 million metric tons from about 13 million tons in 2015, according to Hawkins Wright Ltd. The imbalance between supply and demand for woody biomass is also due to thelack of good forest roads to ship resources efficiently, said Minoru Kumazaki,chairman of the Japan Woody Bioenergy Association in Tokyo.

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