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All Inada Massage Chairs Are Designed and Manufactured in Japan. Amazingly, over 22 of Japanese households own a robotic massage chair! Over the years, fierce competition in Japan has pushed the sophistication and reliability of Japanese massage chair brands to where they are today and well beyond what non-Japanese makers are able to produce. A list of the Best Massage Chair Brands that feature all of the latest technology and a history of achievement. To this day, Inada is the only massage chair manufacturer that still makes their chairs in Japan. There are a lot of massage brands and they all manufacturer a wide variety. Family Inada is a Japanese manufacturer of Massage Chairs and has been designing and developing Massage Chairs since 1962.

japanese massage chair brands 2Panasonic chairs are conceived in Japan and borrow effective and popular massage therapy techniques from all styles of massage. The Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair series focuses intensely on therapy options, massage coverage, and the quality of massage. INADA is the original Japanese Massage Chair Manufacturer who used to manufacture OSIM massage chairs but now only make their quality Japanese Massage Chairs for INADA – the ONLY Japanese Made Mass. INADA is the manufacturer and OSIM was the brand. This brand is the last massage chair the is built and designed in Japan. Their chairs are a favorite with the most complicated airbag system for great massages.

Some of the best innovations of massage chair technology are presented by Panasonic. Their chairs are designed and made in Japan. Japanese-made massage chairs are typically more expensive than Chinese-made massage chairs, but is the quality better?. Pretty much ALL of the cheap online massage chairs are what I like to call Chinese knock-offs because they are made in China at a lower price and many of these chairs are created to mimic quality name-brand massage chairs, but feedback we get is that those knock offs are of a poor quality. Since 1954 – Fujiiryoki Massage Chairs serving celebrities, healthcare professionals, athletes. Innovative, effective, and loaded with benefits, it is no wonder the Fujiiryoki brand is renowned worldwide and reputable. Good Design Award in Japan, and has obtained medical medical equipment approval and certification from Japan’s Health Department.

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japanese massage chair brands 3If you are looking for a high-quality massage chair, this Japanese manufacturer is one of the most trusted and well-known brands right now. The Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair is one of the most well-known massage chair models. This Japanese based massage chair brand is available across the United States in many relaxation and furniture. We carry a wide variety of massage chairs and one of our most common questions we get from customers is where are massage chairs made. Our management principles wishing for smiles on people’s faces around the world, and contributing to their mental and physical health have taken the form of massage chairs,which have gained the favor of people not only in Japan but also of people in more than 70 countries in Europe, Asia, and the U. Has developed and expanded its brands under the name of FAMILY in Japan and under the name of INADA overseas. We often get asked about where Elite Massage Chairs are manufactured, as well as where other brands of massage chairs are made. Today China, Singapore and Japan still lead massage chair manufacturing globally, and the primary markets for massage chairs are likewise Asian markets. Choosing The Best Massage Chair For Optimal Comfort & Relaxation. In 2015, the leading brands from previous years are still making a huge impact in the market of home relaxation. A Shiatsu massage comes from Japan and it means finger pressure.

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A massage chair is a chair designed for massages. Traditional massage chairs allow easy access to the head, shoulders, and back of a massage recipient, while robotic massage chairs use electronic vibrators and motors to provide a massage. We always advise to go with a recognized massage chair brand. These national brands will have adequate warranty coverage and will be quick and responsive if an issue were to arise. When searching for a massage chair, people look towards the Japanese brands for they offer a better-quality massage chair than non-Japanese brands. I have begun basic due diligence in researching massage chairs on the internet, and there seems to be little in the way of objective reviews available. One is that the Panasonic chairs are no longer made in Japan, which seems to have decreased customers interest in purchasing them, and second that there is another well considered Japanese brand called Inada. I emphasize Japanese massage chairs because they seem to be the centre of the world market with 20 of Japanese homes apparently owning one.

We compare brands like iJoy, Indada, Panasonic & Osaki and how they work different body parts like the neck & back. Which Massage Chairs & Recliners Give The Best Home Relaxation Experience? The all-around flexibility and function of this massage chair makes this one of the leading brands available the market.