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Inada Company Profile Japanese Massage Chair. No other massage chair company in the world builds robotic massage chairs like Inada Massage Chairs! Number One Market Share in the Japanese Massage Chair Market.Massage Chairs, Alkaline Water Ionisers, Medical,Therapeutic and Fitness Equipments. The Inada DreamWave chair combines Shiatsu master massage movements with Japanese engineering ingenuity for a full-body massage proven to enhance natural healing and wellness though expertly guided stimulation of pressure points.

japanese massage chair 2Anyone seriously interested in quality should focus their attention on Japanese massage chair brands. The premium massage chair market is dominated by Japanese-owned and operated manufacturers. Family Inada is the world’s leading manufacturer of shiatsu-based automatic massage chairs. Founded in 1962 in Osaka, Japan, by Nichimu Inada, the company not only created the category, but has remained far ahead of competitors through a relentless commitment to innovation and product development. Inada Massage Chairs offer the very best in massage technology. Discover a more relaxed you.

The Inada DreamWave massage chair blends Japanese engineering innovation with age-old shiatsu massage techniques. As the manufacturer of The World’s Best Massage Chair, Inada dedicates more resources to R&D than any other massage chair company in the world. Are you looking for the best massage chair 2016? Shiatsu is based upon the Japanese bodywork that uses finger acupressure (meaning of shiatsu) using pressing, kneading, soothing, tapping, and stretching techniques. Since 1954 – Fujiiryoki Massage Chairs serving celebrities, healthcare professionals, athletes. Good Design Award in Japan, and has obtained medical medical equipment approval and certification from Japan’s Health Department.

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Massage chairs made from Japan are the most sought-after because of its higher quality parts and it comes with the latest in technology. Over the years, fierce competition in Japan has pushed the sophistication and reliability of Japanese massage chair brands to the current high level of excellence, well beyond anything that non-Japanese manufacturers are able to produce. Osaki Made in Japan 4S Massage Chair Five Full-Body Air Massage Settings, 21 Total Preset Massage Programs, Heated Back and Foot Rests. Japanese-made massage chairs are typically more expensive than Chinese-made massage chairs, but is the quality better? Like Panasonic, these massage chairs feature some of the best roller technology. Japanese Massage Chairs are known to have the best quality and best quality massage. Here is our list of the Japanese Massage Chairs available in the USA.

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A massage chair is a chair designed for massages. Traditional massage chairs allow easy access to the head, shoulders, and back of a massage recipient, while robotic massage chairs use electronic vibrators and motors to provide a massage. Family Inada is a Japanese manufacturer of Massage Chairs and has been designing and developing Massage Chairs since 1962. They have export sales divisions in the US, UK, Germany and Southeast Asia. Exhibit A: the Japanese massage chair. On Tuesday, I had just finished my first Japanese gym session since arriving two weeks ago.