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One of my (many) blind spots in woodworking is Japanese tools and shop practices. Sure, I’ve read Toshio Odate’s excellent autobiography, plus The Genius of Japanese Carpentry. I also had been reading Scott Landis’ workbench book, and in the chapter on Japanese woodworking workshops, there is some discussion on trestle beam workbenches. Building a workbench without a workbench – II, or, Who needs a 400 lb. workbench when you have a scrap piece of 1×4? When I first started woodworking, for a workbench I was making do with the Sears.

japanese workbench 2Posts about Japanese workbench written by Mathieu. Japanese master craftsman Toshio Odate is a wealth of knowledge about Japanese tools and methods of work. Here’s what I learned from him. If you haven’t noticed, Japanese woodworking, and most woodworking until around a couple centuries ago, was done low to the ground with little to no vises. Often, like this picture, it the workbench top could be put on sawhorses and butted against a tree or whatever; or nothing if it was heavy enough.

I’m in the process of building a trestle beam workbench, as seen in the chapter on Japanese Beams and Trestles in Scott Landis’ workbench book. Buy Mujingfang Miniature Japanese Workbench at Japan Woodworker See more about Workbenches, Japan Woodworker and Miniatures. Bench is 7 long and 3-1/4 tall. Add a miniature plane to create the perfect gift.

Japanese Workbench

80.00. Add a great Item to Cart. Festool Multifunction Table MFT/3 Basic. 500608. 560.00. Add a great Item to Cart. Mujingfang Miniature Japanese Workbench. A Japanese workbench is what I’ve been using for bout a year and a half. Works well with soft wood and Japanese tools, works okay-ish with Western tools- low benches were used all over, not just Japan. I see that you use a standing workbench in addition to your traditional japanese workbench close to the floor. It would be great to hear for which kinds of work you find each best. Small Japanese Workbench. Been doing a lot of small detail work and getting ready to do a bunch of planing. Figured it was time to make a workbench suited to these tasks. The Japanese Workbench. Chris Schwarz spends some time looking at the Japanese workbench, or lack thereof. August 26, 2013 7 notes. White wood bench with storage wooden benches indoor indoor wood bench. Furniture From Wood.

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