Jet Wood Metal Bandsaw Sample Plans PDF

I currently have a 10 year old Jet wood type bandsaw that I use for some metal cutting, what a piece of light crapy junk this thing is. So I want to replace it. I see some on Grizzly’s website, etc. and just wondering what is a good one that won’t break the bank? I don’t do tons of metal cutting on the bandsaw so I don’t need anything too crazy. Buy wood bandsaw Vertical Bandsaws, 414502 Jet Vertical metal, 414503 Jet Vertical metal, Vari-Speed Wood and Metal Bandsaw Jet from UseEnco. The 14 in. Woodworking and Metalworking Vertical Band Saw (J-8201K) is one of JET’s most popular models. The simple design offers intuitive yet powerful performance with a 1 hp motor, easily cutting through wood or metal in a variety of applications.

JET J-8201K 14-Inch 115-Volt Single Phase Vertical Metal/Wood Bandsaw. We carry the full line of JET Brand Metalworking Bandsaws and Blades! Come see why JET Metalworking Bandsaws are some of the Best Metalworking Bandsaws you can own! Find yours today!. Adjustable mitre gauge Includes bandsaw blade 20mm for wood and metal with 8 TPI pitch.

So now I am thinking a wood/ metal cutting band saw. I have looked at three so far. Jet 18 6 speed ( pulley system with 3 speeds for metal ), Grizzly pseudo 18 with a VFD variable speed, and a Shop Fox VFD 18 as well.

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Metal Cutting Band Saw