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Standard Bed Sizes Chart (in centimeters), US and European sizes. The mattress dimensions are in centimeters. The cot size used to denonote a double was 26 inches by 75 inches. While beds are usually labelled according to the dimensions of the mattress, sometimes these dimensions can vary by a few centimetres due to additional padding or support systems.

king size bed measurements in meters 2On this page you’ll find bedroom size info showing bedroom dimensions and bedroom layouts for each bed size. Click for queen bed size (King UK) bedroom layouts. European mattress sizes differ from UK mattress sizes. Great if you like plenty of sleeping room; a king size mattress will mean you’ll be able to turn and move positions without disturbing your partner. The chart below shows the standard UK dimensions for bed mattress sizes. King-size. (US Queen size). Width 150 x Length 200 cm, Width 5’0 x Length 6’6.

As the largest of the standard mattress sizes, you can expect King mattresses to be the most expensive for any given model, but the extra cost is well worth the spacious comfort in the long run. From the rare 3/4 size to antique sizes and other custom dimensions, US-Mattress has options outside of the seven standard mattress sizes to solve any and all of your sleeping needs. Including all standard UK bed and mattress sizes, as well as european (euro) sizes. The overall dimensions will be slightly larger than 75cm x 190cm, due to the width of the frame itself. King size mattresses are wider and longer than standard double mattresses – and although they are only 6 inches wider, this can make a huge difference to how much space you have when sharing a bed.

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