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Matthew Vaughn’s cheeky British spy film starring Colin Firth has been a surprise hit around the globe. More than a month after its premiere, Kingsman: The Secret Service is still third at the box office. The spy movie spoof starring Colin Firth and Samuel L. This is especially true if a film stays atop their box office rankings for a little over a month, which is exactly what Kingsman: The Secret Service has done as of today’s box office reports. Converting this success into actual money brings the film’s success into a much clearer light, as Kingsman: The Secret Service has managed to draw a little over 35 million in foreign box office dollars.

kingsman box office success 2It is a spectacular movie! Both accessible to the masses and unique. Funny, action packed, clever script, big stars Well done on all fronts! It debuted atop the box office in both countries and had a successful opening in Australia with 3. It topped the box office in three countries; Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand, the rest of which were dominated by Fifty Shades of Grey. Kingsman: The Secret Service on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more.

Our box office wrap-up for the weekend of February 15, 2015 – featuring new films ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ & ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service.’. 3 million domestic total, and the international numbers have ensured that this is a major success for the Weinstein Company. Our box office predictions for February 13 – 15, where ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ will face off against ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’. Though it’s not expected to be a critical darling, the fact that its source material was a worldwide phenomenon just a few years ago makes it very likely that the film can find considerable commercial success. Does digital data offer indicators that can be used to monitor marketing effectiveness and predict box office success even before awareness turns into intent? Moviepilot which studies social data.

Why Was Kingsman: The Secret Service So Successful In The Box Office?

kingsman box office success 3Despite being forced to face off against Fifty Shades of Grey this Valentine’s Day weekend, Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons’ Kingsman: The Secret Service has been a box office hit domestically and overseas. Who said you need A list to have a success? 13 and stormed to box office records in one weekend. Either way, The Secret Service still isn’t going anywhere even after a month and a half, which is a better success story than most everything else that has opened against it since it premiered. Film blog The end has no end: Kingsman 2 and the franchises cheating death. Box office analysis: UK Big Hero 6 blocks Kingsman’s path to the top at the UK box office. Here is the meaning of truth! Kingsman: The Secret Service is a movie that Twentieth Century Fox. But sadly, quality doesn’t equal box office success. Here are my top 3 box office predictions:. The movie’s box-office success was partly attributed to the presence of major Hollywood actor Colin Firth, who plays the movie’s main character. Insurgent’s success should have been a surprise to no one. For one thing, Penn has never been a box office draw.

Weekend Box Office Wrap-up: February 15, 2015

McFarland, USA was deemed a success given it cost only 25 million to make. Elsewhere, the spectacular Kingsman: The Secret Service remained in second place overall, falling 52 to a 17. Say what you will about Fifty Shades’ box office success, but it’s kind of neat to see two R-rated movies taking the top spots for two weekends in a row. ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’ tops UK box office but ‘Zootropolis’ steals the show. We don’t yet know a lot about Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the sequel to the dapper 2014 spy thriller Kingsman: The Secret Service.