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Comparing cabinetry brands can be confusing and difficult for everyone except experienced kitchen designers. Here are the most important things to understand when comparing cabinetry lines and how the kitchen cabinet lines Main Line Kitchen Design is proud to carry stack up against the competition. Guide to buying new kitchen cabinets. Articles on stock vs custom, refacing, repainting, and profiles of more than 20 cabinet brands. My kitchen is 15’610’2, of which 24 linear feet can have cabinetry.

kitchen cabinet comparison of brands 2I just had a kitchen full of starmark cabinets installed. Brand Differentiation is Critical to Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers as Home Improvement Growth is Expected to Slow. More than one-half (52 ) of kitchen cabinet purchases are for full kitchen remodels, compared with 39 percent for a partial remodel. I would really appreciate if anyone could tell me some names of some good kitchen cabinet brands so that I can take a look online. Other simular good quality cabinets are Wood-Mode, Cardell, Karman, Masterbrand, Mastercraft, UltraCraft, Norcraft, Armstrong.

Given the number of cabinet producers, you’re probably asking what the differences are, if any, among them all. Dig into the internal architecture of a top-quality cabinet. Top-quality kitchen cabinets are made like good furniture, but even the most devoted watchers of the Food Channel don’t know what to look for. Any chance of finding out what brand of cabinets is talked about in this article? Cabinetry affects the way your kitchen looks, feels and functions. There are absolutely, positively quality cabinets available at every price point, Morgan said. With painted cabinets, ask about the brand of paint and the process.

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MasterBrand features multiple cabinet brands for every budget and lifestyle, offering all materials, styles and colors needed for a successful project. Each line in our family of brands provides the same great service, product innovation and quality that MasterBrand is known for, assuring your dream kitchen becomes a reality. At any rate, these 10 companies manufacture kitchen cabinets here in the States. Comparing Kitchen Cabinet Prices. Many times the initial kitchen cabinet prices are too high, and the design is changed to get that dollar amount lower. Identical layout in Brand B costs 6500. Whether you’re updating an existing room or creating a brand new space, we’ll deliver quality, affordable kitchen and bathroom cabinets that will stand the test of time. Get a list of companies that make kitchen cabinets. A modern bathroom – fStop Images – Ludger Paffrath/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are a major building or renovating expense. Since they’re so visible, they can contribute significantly to your home’s high-quality appearance.

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We match our kitchen cabinet line up against the European Brands top kitchen cabinet lines with every detail compared. KnobBrands is the leading source of quality kitchen and bath cabinet hardware for traditional, modern or contemporary decor. All of Elkay’s cabinetry brands are certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA), Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) and U. Constructed with uncompromising quality, accuracy and strength, the space-making design features more space inside every cabinet and drawer. A comparison of imported ready-to-assemble cabinets and domestic cabinetry. Among brands, there are several different construction methods, vast differences in finish and wood quality, and overall selection. A dozen years ago, when I was a product development manager for a large cabinet component manufacturer, we used to talk about the affect China would have on kitchen cabinets.

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