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Supplier to domestic, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and office furniture manufacturers, shopfitters, contracts, designers and architects. The loose door knobs, nicked door fronts and slamming drawers. If any of these sound familiar, check out this collection of quick and easy kitchen cabinet repairs. Kitchen Door repair kits are part of the kitchen repair plates range at JML Hardware, quality robust cheap and easy to fit delivery to anywhere in the UK.

kitchen cabinet hinge repair plate 2So there are two nice holes in the cabinet which the screws no longer fit. To clevere1you should arc weld a plate of steel to it and then bolt the door back on. Plan B) Use repair plates designed for this job Example. Plan C) If all fails I’d spend 10 on one of these, put it in my old electric drill’s chuck and relocate the hinges. Here 1 is the inner surface of the cabinet, 7 is your hinge – the hinge will go unchanged. Hi everyone I had a new kitchen fitted last year, in the meantime the company has gone bust. You need a ‘hinge repair plate’ available on ebay in silver or white.

Kitchen Cabinet Hinge Repair Plates – Cream – Pack of 10 Designed for quick and efficient repair of cabinets where concealed hinges have been pulled from the carcass. One of the kids has been climbing up the kitchen cabinets of my fitted kitchen. Unsurprisingly the door has given away as the metal hinge has pulled itself free of the cabinet, taking a load of the fibre board with it. Measure up the other end and re-site the fixing base plate to the inside of the kitchen unit and Bobs your uncle. British Quality – – – Hinge repair plates With or without Carcase fixing Screws – – – Colours This Listing coloured versions White Brown Cream – – -. Lid STAYS, Coffer, ottoman, Toy Box, Cupboard. This item will fit all kitchen,.

How To Repair Stripped Cabinet Hinge Screw Holes?

kitchen cabinet hinge repair plate 3Code For delivery. 23307 Click On Soft Close Hinge 110 2 Pack 4.44 3.70 ex. Adjustable front plates for fixing drawer fronts. Code For delivery. Source Top Quality Kitchen Hinge Repair Plate Supplier, Kitchen Hinge Repair Plate Companies, kitchen accessories,kitchen cabinet,water heaters electric kitchen Manufacturers. SOFT CLOSE KITCHEN CABINET CUPBOARD DOOR HINGE PLATE ARM CUP COVERS SCREWS. Then reinstall your hinge plate, after drilling a small pilot hole. Clean up the black stains with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser.

Kitchen Cabinet Hinge Repair Plates