Kitchen Cabinet Light Valance Sample Plans PDF – Under Cabinet Lighting With Valance design ideas and photos. Although under-cabinet lights can be one of the kitchen’s most useful features, they aren’t always its most attractive attribute. Crown molding, a valance or the right cabinet or lighting design can hide your task-lighting system without sacrificing its countertop-illuminating benefits. We have frameless cabinets and a flush valance (light rail). Here is a snapshot of the kitchen and I guess it mimics the moulding on top.

kitchen cabinet light valance 2Another common place to fit a valance on kitchen cabinets is along the top of the cabinets, if the cabinets aren’t fully fitted up to the ceiling. A valance fitted here can hide any brackets retaining the cabinets, lights or other electrical fittings and, if you’re storing things on top of the cabinets, will help to prevent them from falling off. Here are 7 Rules for undercabinet lighting for your kitchen! Unless your cabinets have a face-frame that creates a recessed cavity under your wall cabinets, be sure your kitchen designer specifies a light valance. I’m installing some Kichler under cabinet linear lighting in my kitchen.

You may also need to make a valance if the light is very visible at eye level. We wanted the light (and valance) to be recessed from the face of the cabinet, but out far enough that the light wouldn’t cast a shadow on the steel ledge. Kind of makes me want to rip out the lights we installed in our kitchen two years ago. The light valances on cabinets generally are thin boards of various sizes and thicknesses that extend down from the base of upper cabinets to cover under-cabinet lighting. How Do I Install Under-Cabinet Kitchen Lighting?

Installing A Cabinet Valance

LED under cabinet lights can provide inexpensive lighting to your kitchen counters and are a great way to start trying out LED lights. Unfortunately at very low wattages, the Kill A Watt meter doesn’t offer that much precision, but two LED puck lights on one valence registered 4 watts of power consumption. Brighten your kitchen with under cabinet lighting. Complete instructions, wiring diagrams and an informative video simplify this DIY wiring project. Do you have a valence under the cabinets, and is it deep enough to conceal some lighting? Under Cabinet Lighting. Under cabinet lighting is a blessing; you can actually see what’s on top of your counters instead of with overhead lighting which allows you to see only half of what’s on your counters, because your cabinets are shadowing half of the counters themselves. A kitchen should have a combination of recessed lighting and task lighting. Remove any cabinet doodads or fake valances. A lot of the kitchens we work in have these fake wooden valances and grape vine trim and embellishments.

Installing Under-cabinet Lights