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Get inspiration and kitchen design ideas from these stunning, professionally designed kitchens the finalists in the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2015 competition. Get inspiration and kitchen design ideas from these stunning, professionally designed kitchens the finalists in the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2015 competition. Transitional was an important design style for kitchens in 2015, with many homeowners remodeling their kitchens to reflect this style. Let MasterBrand show you the latest in bathroom and kitchen design trends. To ensure design flexibility for the long term, cabinet door styles are becoming simpler, using clean lines.

kitchen cabinet styles 2015 2‘it’ in 2015. This year, try painting your cabinets any bold shade (dark or light). Industrial-style lighting for kitchens is very on-trend for 2015. Design a modern home using the kitchen cabinet design trends offered by Kitchen Craft, and make the most of your next project with European-style cabinetry. Current trends indicate that, by 2015, new homes will be smaller, greener and more casual. Perhaps the strongest trend in kitchen design is the open floor plan, in part because the kitchen is the most social room of house and all family life revolves around food, says Landau. A critical element of any well-designed kitchen, cabinetry is composed of the face or door style, the box or interior, and the hardware or knob and pulls.

While many homeowners feel that grey for kitchen cabinets can be dull, that is hardly the truth. Warm, deep greys add sophistication and style with ease. Right behind was the use of sleek, European-style cabinets. Kitchen cabinet trends haven’t changed as much as other areas around the kitchen, but a few dominant trends have taken shape in 2015 & will carry to 2016. To ensure design flexibility in the long term, cabinet door styles have become simpler, using clean lines.

10 Top Kitchen Trends For 2015

wine gift boxes wholesale 3Clearly, white is the dominant color for kitchen cabinets in 2015 and most likely, will remain so next year. Note: As far as style goes, shaker style cabinets seem to never go out of style. Hot Bedroom Design Trends Set to Rule in 2015! The shaker-style kitchen cabinetry is one such addition that never goes out of style and always works well with almost any theme that you have going. Home design trends may come and go, but homeowners are always looking for inexpensive, easy ways to increase their property’s value. Kitchen cabinet trends for 2015. What are the trends for kitchen design for 2015? I will be sharing the trends with you in a series. The popular style for kitchen cabinets is Shaker. Here are the top suggested kitchen design ideas for 2015 to keep in mind if you’re considering a kitchen renovation:. Interior designer Greg Natale predicts that furniture-style cabinetry and other design features will be one of the top trends for 2015.

Kitchen Cabinets: The 9 Most Popular Colors To Pick From

Each year, the National Kitchen & Bath Association produces a trend report, something they’ve been doing since 1952. But how do these trends, compiled from designers nationwide, compare to what we’re designing and building in our market?. Five Kitchen and Bath Trend predictions for 2015. In 2015 living small will continue to be big news and consumers will want to use every inch of available space. July 31st, 2015. We are constantly evaluating the marketplace to spot developments that will translate to trend preferences for kitchen and bath cabinetry. Kitchen cabinet styles generally differ on the door style as it gives the most definition.