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Surely, their size and placement is standard and most cabinet makers adhere to the rules. (The dimensions of lower cabinets, typically 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall, still work. Standard upper cabinets are 30-inches tall making the entirety of the cabinet easily accessible for 5-feet 8-inch tall people without a step stool. I am planning a kitchen renovation using Ikea cabinets.

kitchen cabinets standard height 2Cabinetmakers discuss the standard height of cabinets, and reasons to make an exception. Now if you are doing a custom kitchen for someone who likes to bake, you might suggest one area that is only 30 high (obviously not in the vicinity of the DW). I have never heard of 52 for a standard height. It’s a strange job, where they want the entire kitchen changed around, cabinets lowered, stove moved, knotty alder cabinets painted white. Even if you are not planning to design and build your kitchen, some of the following tips will help prepare you for a discussion with a professional kitchen planner. It makes sense to use metric when planning a kitchen because kitchen units and domestic appliances are designed in standard metric sizes. Kitchen cabinets are usually 60 cm deep and have widths that are multiples of 10 cm or 15 cm.

What is correct height for kitchen base units my kitchen fitter has fitted them at 93cm i say this is incorrect as my cooker is only 90cm so sits below the worktop. The accepted standard is as everyone has said. I have also been asked to raise cabinets to higher than 910. Browse our range of base cabinets. Our kitchen cabinets are designed to be flexible and adaptable so you can build a kitchen that works for you.

Standard Height For Base Cabinets

What Is Correct Height For Kitchen Base Units My Kitchen Fitter Has Fitted Them At 93cm I Say This Is Incorrect As My Cooker Is Only 90cm So Sits Below The Worktop