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Fastest Male Junior Team, Stewarts Tartan Army 17:08. Fastest Female Junior Team, Rainbow Frizzles 23:53. Best Dressed Bed, St John’s Jewels. Bed Race results from the past 10 years. Bed Race Results. Race results of the Knaresborough Bed Race from the past 10 years. Click Here to See 2015’s Results. Fastest Team, Ripon Runners for HPL 13:56. Fastest Female Team, HPL Flyers 16:08. Fastest New Team, Globe Street Trotters 16:15. Fastest Mixed Team, -.

knaresborough bed race 2009 2A DRAW held by Knaresborough Lions for places for this year’s Bed Race on Saturday, June 13 saw a record 86 teams accepted for running. ROADS will be closed into and out of Knaresborough on Saturday, June 13 when the 2009 Great Knaresborough Bed Race takes place. The 44th Great Knaresborough Bed Race – 13th June 2009. 86 beds race through the town following a parade of beds decorated in the theme of the year – Music.

Snaps from what the Scorchers players, families and Coaches took to Knaresborough’s streets to give a taste of Bollywood! Knaresborough Bed Race in 2009. It is with great pleasure that Harrogate Audi is sponsoring the 46th Great Knaresborough Bed Race. Our first entry was in 2009 and we were so inspired by the enormity and scale of the event that this year we wanted to have a greater involvement. The Knaresborough Bed Race pretty much sums up the English reputation for eccentricity.

86 Teams To Take Part In 2009 Knaresborough Bed Race

Green-Tech, the York based landscape and forestry company, completed the Knaresborough Bed Race 2009 last weekend in a very respectable 19 minutes 54 seconds all dressed up in High School Musical costumes. Staged for the first time in 1966, and held each year around the middle of June come hell or high water in the River Nidd, the Great Knaresborough Bed Race is part pageant and part gruelling time trial over a 2. The Coconut Grove Bed Race is returning to the streets of Miami this September the 2nd to prove that beds are not just for bedrooms, not any more. To all the Brits out there feeling a pang of jealousy, you can rest assured that our very own version of this noble sport, the Great Knaresborough Bed Race held in North Yorkshire, is a lot more strenuous (if a little less glamorous) than the Coconut Grove race. If you had to choose between Yorkshire Tea and bed, would you lose sleep over your decision? Well, in Knaresborough (the town next door to us in Harrogate), they love bed so much, they decorate them, take them to the streets, parade them and then race them. Official Highlights of the 50th Great Knaresborough Bed Race 2015.

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