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The original pattern is found on page 22 of the PDF from Internet Archive – The Priscilla Wool Knitting Book (1912). Whether you want to knit socks on pointed knitting needles or circular knitting needles, find a great free sock knitting pattern here!. Old Shale Two Yarn Sock. Free knitting pattern for bed socks to fit ladies and children. Knit with DK or fingering weight yarns. Work 16 rows in Garter Stitch on these two needles. Next row: K.1, K2tog, K.

knitted bed socks on two needles 2With this lovely slippers knitting pattern you get an adorable two-for-one deal! If the idea of battling with four double-pointed needles leaves you cold, you’ll love knitting our Dreamy bedsocks by Sarah Hazell which are knitted flat on two needles and sewn up at the end. The socks are made with double knitting wool 50gs of each colour, or you can use a 50g ball for the main parts and use oddments of wool for the spot (as in the blue sock picture).

Our easy instructions take the fancy footwork out of knitting socks. Even when they gave way to the store-bought variety, granny’s handknits made great bed socks on cold winter nights. Stay on your two needles – do not add a third needle. A fantastic collection of socks, including socks to knit using two-needles. Includes knit sock patterns for everyone in the family from mom to dad to kids. Plain Socks, Men’s Socks, Children’s Striped Socks, Men’s Cable Stitch Socks, Girls Anklets, Rib Anklets, Girls’ Socks, Childrens’ Cable Clock Socks, Mens’ Heavy Socks, Men’s Cable Clock Socks, Skating Queen, Children’s Knee High Socks, Moss Stitch Girls’ & Boys’ Socks, Girls’ Anklets Cable Socks.

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knitted bed socks on two needles 3This is an easy knitting sock pattern, designed for your first time knitting socks! In Row 1 of turning the heel (k12, ssk, k1), I can’t figure out what to do with the remaining stitches I have 20 stitches on the first double pointed needle, and I’ve knitted and purled my 20 rows, as the pattern says, so if I knit 12, slip slip and then knit the two I slipped, and knit a final stitch, that leaves me with five on the needle Am I missing something?. Cosy Bedsocks knitted on Two Needles Worked in Double Knit yarn. Jarol Shell Pattern Bedjacket & Cosy Bedsocks. The pattern is worked using two strands of DK yarn throughout. Choose from an array of easy to knit patterns for men, women, and children. They knit up fast at a big gauge on two needles like socks knit on two needles. Cos the kids have been ill we have made our stew last two nights so didn’t have to even cook tonight (so that’s a wholemeal saved out of the budget). Hi, ive just found your blog from frugal queen and i love it, were making one of your soup on thurs night. i knit socks on 2 needles, its an old pattern from my mum so easy, i get about 3 pairs on order a week, if you want the pattern just let me know, better still i will post you a pair out so you can see them made up, my gift for all the great stuff ive found on here ruth, email me if your interested x. Bedsocks were easy to knit, having no turned heel and so requiring only two needles, as opposed to the four that were needed for regular sockshaping. Vintage 1940s 1950s Knitting Pattern Womens Bedjackets and Bed Socks Crossover Top 40s 50s orignal pattern. PDF Knitting Pattern / Bed Socks and Bottle Cover / 8ply yarn / two needle socks.

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So for Elinor, here’s a pair of warm woolly bedsocks, knitted in worsted-weight yarn and with a simple openwork pattern:Elinor’s Your feet are cold bedsocksMaterials:Lion Wool Ease or any other standard worsted-weight yarn, 1 skein MC, 1 skein CC. Work the heel on these two needles only. If you don’t like working with double-pointed needles or don’t have the right sized needles to make the socks you want to work, you can easily knit a sock on two circular needles rather than four or five double-pointed needles. Bulky Sleep Socks Tutorial. 1 year ago by s t a c i. Cold feet?