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Find Kobalt 24-in x 27-in 6-Drawer Tool Cabinet at Lowes.com. We took a look at their 27-inch model with 5 drawer chest and 6 drawer roller cabinet and were soundly impressed by its construction quality, attention to detail and comprehensive features. I loved the packaging of the Kobalt stainless steel tool chest and roller cabinet. Tool chest review – Sears, Tractor Supply, Lowes, Home Depot, Harbor Freight General Garage Discussion. The drawer stock is.0415, the same as Kobalt.

kobalt 6 drawer tool chest review 26-Drawer Ball Bearing Slides Top Chest, Blue- includes Free Shipping. My idea of a high-tech tool storage innovation is foam-lined drawers; speakers and a fridge make this box seem like some kind of social center rather than a storage system, but maybe that s exactly the point. Dealmonger: Free Kobalt 6-In-1 Screwdriver. Kobalt 35.7-in x 27-in 6-Drawer Ball-Bearing Steel Tool Cabinet (Black)-NEW in Home & Garden, Tools, Tool Boxes, Belts & Storage eBay. NEW Kodiak 6 Drawer Tool Chest Cabinet Tools Metal Box Steel Ball Bearing Black.

I like the Kobalt box, the snap-on is definitely heavier-duty but given my usage the Kobalt will probably last a lifetime anyway. The new 6-drawer chest features strong heavy-duty metal construction, 6 drawers with ball bearings slides rated to 100 pounds each, and a very spacious top compartment. You’ll receive our latest tool news, reviews, and deals posts in your inbox! The bright yellow color aside, how would these compare to a similarly priced offering from Husky, Craftsman, Kobalt, etc. Shop for Kobalt Kobalt 22.5-In X 41-In 9-Drawer Ball-Bearing Tool Chest (Stainless Ste. Protect your tools and box with customized Kobalt drawer liners that are cut to fit your tool box included. Excel 15-In X 26-In 6-Drawer Ball-Bearing Steel Tool.

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kobalt 6 drawer tool chest review 3I want that 53 in kobalt tool box with stereo and refridgearator. I’m just looking to see if anyone owns a Lowe’s Kobalt Brand Tool Chest and how they like it. He liked it alot, he said it was no Snap-on, but it was a good box. I am just looking to get the 6 drawer with the top storage and it locks and I was encouraged to see it had a harder to manipulate tubular lock. I’m looking for a decent tool box I was going to buy THIS box when it was on sale but i didn’t realize it was only on sale for fathers day and i went. I bought a Kobalt 6 drawer roller cabinet, 6 drawer tool chest, and 3 drawer toolbox for 666. More Colors Available. International VRT-5606 Value Series 6-Drawer Wide Tool Chest. Kobalt 35.6-In X 27-In 6-Drawer Ball-Bearing Steel Tool Cabinet Black. Drawers in the Kobalt chests in Lowe’s push closed to a detent and leave no gaps. 5.

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Any opinion on this vs a craftsman socket set and tool box? This unique 26-inch 6 drawer rolling cabinet is constructed from durable, attractive, high quality steel, and features a fresh, contemporary look with clean lines and plenty of storage room. Our Viper line makes the Pro series with 250lbs, Kobalt and Craftsman fall WAAAAAYYYYY short if that. I have the 6 drawer 26in, 26in 5 drawer, the 18 in tool box, the 20 in steel box, as well as the other small tool box all in pink.