Kobalt Toolbox With Radio And Fridge Sample Plans PDF

Kobalt tool chest with mini fridge and stereo.one in the garage and one for the craft room! Kobalt 53 Stainless Steel Tool Chest with Fridge and Sound System. Interactive and animated product demo for Kobalt 53 Stainless Steel Tool Chest from Lowe’s. This Kobalt tool chest houses LED lights, a powerstrip, cooler and sound-system! The Kobalt tool chest uses a connection to a standard wall outlet to power a fully functional refrigerator, Pioneer sound system, LED lights, and power strip, making it one of the most versatile tool chests we’ve ever seen. The top of the chest flips away to reveal a stereo speaker system from Pioneer, complete with a head unit hiding behind a little stainless steel door near the top.

kobalt toolbox with radio and fridge 2Kobalt Steel Tool Chest with Pioneer Stereo System Review. Find great deals on eBay for Kobalt Tool Box in Tool Storage Boxes and Cabinets. Shop with confidence. Walking through Lowes today and noticed a new huge box in the tool section. Sucker has a beer fridge in the bottom & Pioneer head unit built into.

I am wanting to know if the Kobalt tool boxes have plastic drawer slides or are they metal? email silverado8790 yahoo. The radio and fridge great however after 6 mths of ownership feel it was just a worm on the hook, not much value really in getting the job done. I would like to sell my Kobalt Tool Box. this is the one with the fridge and pioner sound system in it. I paid a little over 2 thousand 11 months ago.

Kobalt Steel Tool Chest With Pioneer Stereo System Review

kobalt toolbox with radio and fridge 3Kobalt Stainless steel tool chest with stereo, refrigerator and LED lights Heavy-duty, full-extension, ball-bearing slides – 99 lb. capacity 4000 lb. capacity casters. Expect to see these powered Contour tool boxes later this year in Q2 2012. Nor the fridge-in-the-toolbox that showed up in some of the kobalt models more recently. Much prefer to simply have the space for tools and a separate radio. I like the Kobalt box that’s at Lowes with the radio and such in it since the radio and other acessories will get used on a daily basis. Used snap on or Matco tool box, you can find good deals and the quality is better than harbor freight. Slides broken, faceplate broken on the radio, fridge didnt work. It has a refrigerator and radio. They want 1800 for it however. I was amazed how high tool chests are. Stuff like this is ridiculously priced. Tool Box With a Built In Stereo and Refrigerator Cool! June 22, 2008 2:20 pm dennisb – Auto Tool Sales What’s New?

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