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Ok so i used the re audio box calculator to design my box and it seems like its different from the torres calculator. Torres is better and maybe it’s just me but the RE one only gave me dimensions for L Ported enclosures. Use the following calculators at your own risk. Since I’ve never seen two port calculators that would give the exact same port length for a given box volume and tuning frequency, the port calculations from this calculator will probably be slightly different than other calculators. Ported vented subwoofer box design calculator solving for port or vent length given port or vent diameter, number of ports or vents, box volume, tuning frequency and end correction factor.

l ported box calculator 2If you want to use this calculator, first choose what size driver(s) you are using, then enter how many are in your enclosure. Design your own ported speaker box with my free JavaScript enclosure design calculator. So, would it be okay to say: h height of slot port w width of slot port d diameter of equivalent round port so to compute the diameter of the port as a function of the slot height and width i would use: (using the + obviously) This makes sense to me because given any port length L, the total volume of the port will be the same.

I’m just wondering how to calculate the dimensions of a box. I have a 12 inch sub needing 1. Also looking for an L port design which i don’t think torres has. Anyone have tips on how to get this box built properly? Thanks in advance. This is the L port calculator i use. It even gives you a cut list towards the bottom. The Subwoofer Box Calculator or Enclosure Volume Calculator is used to determine the cubic feet or liters of a speaker or subwoofer box or cylinder tube enclosure. Next enter any bracing and port displacement volume if ported. I prefer the sound of a TL to a ported box. In 1990, when I was a senior in college, I was frustrated that the kind of mathematical models that are available for acoustic suspension and bass reflex boxes were unavailable for Transmission Lines. I welcome anyone who wants to apply my models on a computer, math program or online calculator.

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L-Ported Speaker Box Calculator Thought it was interesting how it actually shows the box. Maybe someone can make use of this. I found an L-Ported Calculator on the WEB today. I probably would tune the box to 40Hz except I’m working with 5.5mm Xmax in 2.4ft3 and need to limit excursion with 300W applied.

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