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These floating shelves are in a small closet, half are U-shaped hanging on three adjoining walls and they are fairly deep so they have to be well supported. I also left a space at the bottom on the left side where I could store my vacuum and cleaning supplies that are tall so the bottom shelves are only L-shaped, not U-shaped like the top three shelves. Custom floating shelves in the corner help maximize the available spaceby Jennifer Gustafson Interior Design. A small and quiet reading room is a wonderful addition to any house and you can use an elaborate L-shaped bookshelf in the corner to turn it into a modest home library. Build Hollow Floating Wall Shelves That Attach Invisibly to Hidden Cleats to Create Decorative Wooden Shelving. I would like to know if it’s advisable to construct a solid L-shape unit that will extend roughly 30 each direction, or if I should build two separate shelves that will meet at 90 degrees.

king single bed with drawers 2Show off those objets in these faux-leather floating shelves. This set is just the thing for displaying all your picture frames, books, and travel keepsakes. Say hello to your instant gallery. 12.5 in. x 21.25 in. Floating Black L-Shaped Decorative Shelf Kit is the best of both worlds incorporating floating shelves and shadow boxes. The Hendricks 3 Piece Floating Shelf Set is made with a combination of medium-density fiberboard and laminate. Add a fun, sculptural element to the wall with this truck-shaped storage cubby, sectioned with four compartments for tucking away toys and books. Keep your rooms clean and tidy with the lagarto l- cubbies.

Enhance your home decor with this attractive shelf. L Shaped floating shelf is perfect for displaying your favorite books, decorative items and collectibles. First things first. I am still trying to get over my Alma Mater, Syracuse University, losing to Michigan in a final four game! Soooo close, which of course only counts for nothing! I am not a huge. Made of hot-rolled steel for added strength and durability, these L-shaped shelves are great for displaying books, photo frames or vases. Hot-rolled steel.

L-shaped Floating Shelves

king single bed with drawers 3Find great deals on eBay for Floating Shelves in Wall Shelves. Shop with confidence. Display your books in modern and elegant fashion with The Floating Book Shelf. Position it in a multitude of angles to dazzle your friends and family!. Enhance your decor with the Barabs Tetris L Shaped Floating Wall Shelf by Manhattan Comfort. The attractive shelf is perfect for displaying favorite books and collectibles. In our case we wanted an L shaped shelf for the nursery to hold books, toys, and knick knacks. Best Seller Danya B Floating ‘U’ Shaped 3 Piece Shelf Set. 21.95.

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