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Those BILLY shelves are begging to do so much more. How it’s done: Attach foam squares to the bottom of one LACK table and stack it atop the other so it sticks double decker-style. We put up our first Lack Shelf last weekend in our entryway. It’s one of those basic pieces that shows up everywhere: bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and landing strips. Lack is one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture Ikea offers. It is cheap and minimal, its design will never get old.

lack shelves hack 2Customize the Ikea Lack shelves with a simple hack! 99?? That is an amazing price for a little table! But, you don’t necessary want it to look like a cheap table, right? That’s where some well planned IKEA hacks come into play and there are tons of ways to hack the Lack side table and turn it into the home decor piece you really want. Stack 4 Lack Side Tables from Ikea to make a shelf for the towels downstairs – 7. To pull off this easy hack from Triple Max Tons, all you need is a LACK coffee table and tapered legs from eBay (if the legs don’t come with top plates, you can buy straight or angled as they are in this hack at Loews). This elegant hack of IKEA’s EXPEDIT shelving serves both as storage and as a hiding spot where kitty can do his business.

We hacked them in half. We bought 43 inch Lack shelves and chop-sawed them in half. At 15 bucks each, 2 shelves gave us 4 smaller ones at about 21 1/2 inches, almost too perfect. IKEA Lack shelf is a cool basic shelf, and you can use it wherever and however you want. IKEA Lack shelves can become nice corner shelves, floating. Update: If you have trimmed an IKEA LACK shelf, please upload your photos to the comment section below to share with other readers looking for a solution to the limited lengths of the LACK shelves. Next Article How to Hack a Modern Euro-style Lamp Shade for an Antique Lamp.

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lack shelves hack 3These eleven IKEA hacks turn plain Lack tables into stunners! IKEA Semi-Hack: Painting a LACK Shelf. When the cabinets were done and installed, we immediately knew that there needed to be a shelf underneath the cabinets. This one uses seven LACK side tables and one coffee table, with all bases reinforced with solid wood. Check out these 25 IKEA hacks for kids and get hacking! Made from a LACK shelf (which can easily be replaced for a KALLAX shelf), casters and a door, this train table provides mobile play space as well as storage. I wanted some more shelf-space but didn’t want to drill any extra holes in my walls. So i made this. The two 19mm thick shelves are mounted wi. Ikea Lack shelves into Dressers Hack. Image Story Discover where an image comes from, where it’s been, and who it’s been hearted by. sue. last hearted by sue.

Hacking Ikea Lack Shelves