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Semi-Home Made ‘LACKured’ Media Cabinet: This is one of our absolute favorite examples of a successful LACK on Wheels. Harris was originally inspired by Matt’s LACK hack and we think this came out so great. 7. Herringbone Side Table On Wheels. Take your table to the next level by giving it a complete makeover, like this Lack hack that jazzed up a plain black side table with a herringbone top, lower shelf, and casters. Materials: Ikea Lack table and Ikea textile, 4 litle wheels, Powertex, paint, varnish. Description: Put textile on table with Powertex (4 layers).

 lack table with wheels 2I needed a compact coffee table that was mobile and cheap. Here I present the Rolling Storage Lack, with Rolling action (inspired by Jules Yap and drnutella), Storage capability (as demonstrated by SpaceSays) and optimal engineering (courtesy of thebunnykingofnowhere’s fabulous "interior" photographs). I then thought to put it on wheels, since it doesn’t have a dedicated spot in my house at the moment and I would like to be able to roll it a little if need-be. TINGBY side table on casters, white Length: 19 5/8 Width: New. TINGBY.

But, after having an Ikea Lack side table for a few years, I knew it was time to give it a facelift. So originally I was just going to add some cute feet or wheels. The Lack series from IKEA is beautifully simple, like a blank canvas, ready to be turned into a work of art! Be inspired by these 29 IKEA Lack table hacks. Then I wanted to be able to wheel it around, so I also added some caster style wheels on the bottom as well.

Ikea Hack: Rolling Storage Lack Table

How it’s done: Attach foam squares to the bottom of one LACK table and stack it atop the other so it sticks double decker-style. This past weekend Brent and I did our first IKEA hack using the Lack side table with casters. Lack IKEA hack try saying that five times fast. The Lack side table is under 10 at IKEA; use this fun collection of 20+ IKEA hacks to turn it the home decor piece you really want. 10 Ways to Reimagine IKEA’s Iconic LACK Side Table. It’s only 10 bucks, so you can afford to get creative. By Taylor Murphy. Sep 21, 2015. IKEA LACK side table, conveniently built to wheel around with a storage space. No scratch or marks. Purchased in July. Condition. Used (normal wear). Since the entire table is on wheels, you could spin it around every few days to get a new, fresh view of your favorite things!.

Doing It!

The only thing you need to do is swap out the casters for a new set of legs. This clever wall shelf is a lack table hung on its side on the wall with three of its legs attached to the front to create ledges for knick-knacks. Practical, with removable casters for easy moving though it is quite heavy.