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Do you need promotion, traffic, ranking or review? We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. Makeup Review: NYX Products – Natural Shadow Palette,. Hi, how does laiva bookcase good or tough enuff? huhuh thanks! im considering to buy one. Laiva Bookcase: Over 1 independent user reviews summarized in the dooyoo conclusion Compare 3 shopping deals starting at 24.99 (09.05.2016)!

laiva bookcase  review 2The Ikea BILLY bookcase line has been around since I started paying attention to Ikea — about a decade. Overall, BILLY makes for pretty good vertical storage. From the looks of it, the wood detailing looks similar to the LAIVA desk (review here) that I have. The price is very similar to at around 25. This DIY bar table is made from an Expedit bookshelf and offers storage as well as style. 5 stars, 4 reviews. His girlfriend wanted him to make her a bookshelf but he put it off. Not so good – she went to Ikea instead. The happy end result? A nice-looking Ikea Hack. Here’s the story, as sent in by Randy: Furniture Designers’ (moi!) girlfriend gets sick of waiting for Boyfriend (moi) to make her a bookshelf.

Bookcase black-brown. Home /; LAIVA Bookcase black-brown. Cirkel works hard to fill each order. Max load/shelf: 33 lb. Package dimensions. Article: 401.785.91. Packages: 1. Width: 9. Height: 46. Length: 3 1/2. Weight: 31. Reviews. Ikea Laiva Bookcase, Bedroom Vue, Gifts Birthday, Decor Things, Dream House, Bookcase 29, Future Calf, Apartment Shopping. I got my first billy bookcase it’s in white however In a few more weeks I’m going to get the narrower units for the movies and get the glass doors to cover. Went to IKEA the other day, picked up a couple of their LAIVA shelves.

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laiva bookcase  review 3My wife and I recently bought 2 Laiva bookcases that we need to mount to the wall so our kid can’t tip them over. We thought about tipping the bookcase towards the wall, but I’m afraid that doing so would cause the screws to be pulled free once the shelves are loaded down. Ikea Laiva bookcase birch effect on Gumtree. Ikea Laiva bookcase birch effect – brand new and still in box. Save yourself a trip to Croydon! Find and compare the lowest online prices for LAIVA Bookcase, black-brown. Canadian online and retail stores. Not all is nice and lovely with Billy bookcase, as this piece of news reveals that the factory in Sweden that has been making Billy bookcases will be shut down for a cheaper version in Slovakia. Billy the bookcase is out of my budget currently not to mention out of my room space so I’m settling for Laiva bookcase that costs RM75.

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