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You can store important belongings like office files and documents in a systematic manner and can also secure them under a lock and key system by using filing. Vertical File Cabinets come in letter-size or legal-size and hanging files are arranged front to back in the drawer. Lateral File Cabinets are available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 drawer units and multiple widths and depths. But, filing in traditional vertical cabinets or lateral filing cabinets still makes sense in some offices. Here’s what to consider if you are trying to decide what type of filing equipment you should use.

lateral file cabinet vs vertical 2The decision to use lateral or vertical files in an office environment is dependent upon a variety of factors. Vertical cabinets are the older of the principal file cabinets in popular use. Logic for the use of 3-, 4-, and 5-drawer files is similar to that of vertical files. Unlike vertical files, most lateral files allow for side-to-side or front-to-back filing. Lateral file cabinets fall into the drawer style category of office file storage equipment. Lateral cabinets were created to address some of the inherent shortcomings of traditional vertical cabinets.

29 high. What is difference between letter and legal and vertical and lateral file cabinets? What does the UL fire rating mean on a filing cabinet or safe? CABIFILI.COM: CAPACITY OF LATERAL VERSUS HORIZONTAL FILING CABINETS – legal and vertical and lateral file cabinets? are letter or legal-size in depth, 30 48 in width and have two-five drawers. Lateral vs. Vertical Filing. Traditional vertical filing cabinets make use of pull-out drawers, with files arranged from front to back. The flaw of this design is that you must leave room in front of the shelving unit to pull out the drawers.

Lateral Vs. Vertical Files (with Pictures)

FireKing – Lateral File Cabinet, 4-Drawer, Letter/Legal, 37-. High density file shelving versus lateral filing cabinets watch and compare which cost more and which uses less floor space? Call us today 1-800-803-1083. Shelving is More Efficient Than Traditional Vertical And Lateral File Cabinets.

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