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Worked on a Lazy Susan all day because it was scraping and I thought something might be caught behind or under it. In my case the doors were rubbing on the bottom of the opening and in the back somewhere. The one that usually gives you the trouble is the lazy Susan corner cabinet. 2 and 3 with thicker blocks until the doors swing freely without touching or rubbing. Question – How can I fix a sagging lower cabinet lazy susan It has no – IX. Find the answer to this and other Home Improvement questions on JustAnswer. It rubs as the door comes back to a close and gets hung up a little.

lazy susan door rubbing 2My next job is inset doors with a lazy susan. Straight FF’s, no bead. I always seem to run into call backs for doors that rub, how about you guys? Maybe it’s the climate in this area, I dont know. The carousel has dropped down and the door is rubbing against 2 large screw heads on the bottom of the cabinet floor as the carousel turns. Htm You can also try googling lazy susan cabinet repair, etc. for more info. I have a stupid lazy susan in a lower cabinet in my kitchen (a very inconvenient place to try to do any repair). It generally holds the majority of canned goods for a family of five.

2 white PLASTIC lazy susans, cabinet sides unfinished, L specifies the the hinge side of the cabinet LEFT (as if you are looking at the cabinet), no soft-close door upgrade available, premium UV finished plywood cabinet box construction, 1/2 plywood hanging rails. Home; BSS36-R – Bronson Maple Antique White Rub Through Super Lazy Susan Corner Base Cabinet ( 2 Door) – Deerfield Assembled Kitchen Cabinet. Home; CW2442-LS – Springfield Maple Bright White Rub Through Lazy Susan Corner Wall Cabinet (1 Door) – Deerfield Assembled Kitchen Cabinet.

Lazy Susan Cabinet With Inset Doors

lazy susan door rubbing 3A revolving-door Lazy Susan is kind of like a bad dream. But there are ways to cope with it. October 2, 2007. Lazy susan corner cabinet sticks. It seems to stick (the lower plastic tray rubbingagainst the lower opening of the cabinet) when rotating. I have also noticed that, when closed, the left-side cabinet door has amuch smaller gap between the top of the door and the top of the cabinetopening than the right-side cabinet door does. The lazy susan we built for the corner will require two doors, hinged together with multiple different hinges. The other door is attached to the pie cut hinge with the mounting plate. If your doors are rubbing and drawers are not opening easily, this may mean it is time for a kitchen makeover. Hidden door bookcases aren’t easy to design or build, but they’re intriguing. Have you tried using flat square Lazy Susan bearings instead of the Rixson hinges? Before finding your article, I was looking at a few other photos and figured the Lazy Susan hinge would give me the hidden pivot point I needed. Aluminum Lazy Susan Bearing, China, manufacturer, supplier, exporter, Shenyang Ruifeng Hardware Co., Ltd. Source for lazy susan bearing, swivel plate, turntable bearing, dinning table hardware. A 2mm offset between the inner and outer ring allows the bearing to spin freely alleviating rubbing. Hinge / Door Hinge.


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