Led Bed Reading Light Sample Plans PDF

Bureau DeBank Reading-lamp: a lamp and magazine rack in one, a great idea for us chronic magazine readers (our mags are sadly draped below and around our bed in the semblance of stacks). Habitat Flut Tube Lamp: Here’s an idea shown several years back in an issue of Livingetc (April 2005) showing the Habitat Flut light positioned on the underside of a bed nook. Northernlighting Seed: inspired by the shape of a plant emerging from a seed, the wall-mounted reading lamp uses energy saving LED bulbs and can be shaped into whatever need you might have while enjoying your read. Buy Flexible USB/Battery 28 LED Clip On Bed Table Desk Lamp Reading Light at Walmart.com. I just picked up a good book, but I had no way to read it in bed. My only lighting was the ceiling light, which would shine directly into my eyes. Rather than bear the effort of sitting up to read, I decided to hack together a reading light with parts I had on hand.

led bed reading light 2Bed & Bath. The Huchison LED Spot Gooseneck Wall Light looks stunning with the exemplary features and traditional style. The Wade Logan Swing Arm Wall Sconce is a multipurpose wall lamp that features an adjustable reading light and a swinging wall lamp. Here are some of the best LED reading lamps: I-Tower LED Flood Lamp The I-Tower LED Lamp from Koncept is a reliable LED floor lamp, getting an average of 47 out of 5 stars from 18+ reviewers. To be fair, this is way TOO bright for reading in bed with other lights off, so the regular version of the giglight from the same company would be better, or probably one of the things listed in the review here. Simple Designs Chrome High Power LED Clip Lamp Light.

BYB USB LED reading light is powered by the rechargeable 1000mAh Lithium Ion built-in batteries with a USB Charging cable. Table, Work Bench, Bed Headboard (maximum 1 inch in thickness) or Laptop. This is the ideal lamp for those who like reading in bed. Its unique clamp design and flexible thickness range makes it suitable for different beds and shelves, and its rotatable head can be pointed in any direction you need.

Swing Arm Lighting

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Byb E-418 Multipurpose Gooseneck 20-led Reading Light Clip-on Book Led Lamp For Bed & Music Stand Light With Touch-sensitive Dimmable Control And Built-in Battery For Uninterrupted Read