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During this research Collister teamed up with letterbox media providers Salmat to help shortlist and showcase 18 amazing examples into a book titled I Wish I’d Thought of That’. This has been described as one of the most brilliant ideas to drop through a letterbox in the last ten years, says Collister. When the flyer is destined for a letterbox drop it needs to both represent the brand and cause the recipient to take action. As seen in Telstra Smarter Business Ideas Magazine. The net result of my first letterbox drop was this: NOTHING! Watch our free webinar recording for some more detailed ideas (click on the one called Creative Bookings.

letterbox drop ideas 2Many real estate agents still use old-fashioned letterbox drops to promote their services. Just send around an e-mail with your proposed headline and ask for ideas. A crucial part of any successful letterbox drop campaign is ensuring the material, whether it be a flyer, a brochure or a postcard, is going to be effective and elicit a response from a consumer. Quite frequently business owners will spend copious amounts of time trying to come up with ideas that have not been done before. Letter Boxes, Scentsy Addiction, Scentsy Ideas, Scentsy Consultant, Scentsy Business, Business Bookkeeping, Business Ideas. Letter box drop. 11 Repins 1 Like.

Billingham is also the co-founder of Squeeze 1, a website where entrepreneurs and companies can test their ideas before investing in them. Unlike many forms of traditional advertising, such as television, radio, newspapers, and magazines, letterbox distribution can target your areas to your specific requirements, as Independent Letterbox break down every suburb, into small manageable sizes for their walkers, and any combination of these can be chosen, to closely match your chosen area. Traditionally, most real estate agents have relied on cold calling, door knocking, letterbox drops and word of mouth to generate the next listing.

Real Estate Agents: Turn Your Letterbox Drops Into Client Magnets

I would rate letterbox drops as a poor example of Direct Marketing simply because you know nothing about your audience. I have given him a few pointers and ideas about running his play centre before (as I was in the business much longer than him, he’s still relatively new). Direct marketing tips for letterbox drops, leaflet distribution and flyer handouts including street marketing and solo letterbox drops. Distribution ideas. Many practices have found letterbox drops of Your Health to be a simple and cost-effective promotional strategy. Letterbox drops are ethical and are approved in all states and territories by AHPRA, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority. Letterbox drops are an inexpensive way to distribute printed materials. We include vouchers from local businesses in the letterbox drop, so people are receiving something of value. Au, websites, a social media presence, letterbox drops, appointment cards. A letter box, letterbox, letter plate, letter hole, deed, mail slot, or mailbox is a receptacle for receiving incoming mail at a private residence or business. Before then, letterboxes of a similar design had been installed in the doors and walls of post offices for people to drop off outgoing mail. An example of such a wall box (originally installed in the wall of the Wakefield Post Office) is dated 1809 and believed to be the oldest example in Britain. Effective marketing is paramount to your letterbox delivery campaign. Take a look at common campaign ideas to get you underway!

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Steve Sammartino from Rentoid.com, From Letterbox Drop to National TV Coverage. Disseminate and collect information from your target market with fresh and practical marketing ideas from Flyers Direct. Flyers Direct – Marketing Agency, Flyer Distribution, Letter Boxes, Sydney. I was thinking about doing a letter box drop on our block, has anyone done this and if so was it successful or a waste of time? I have a rough draft of what I would write and I will post it below. You will need to give your hosts some ideas.