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Intro. Welcome Vimmers! Contributions to help fellow Vimmers are appreciated. To use Light Table as a vim user, install the Vim plugin. With our release of the 0.2.0 version of Light Table we laid the foundation we needed to continue moving forward. You can quite literally do everything from the command search, from changing the skin of Light Table to toggling Vim mode and starting an instarepl. We want a single canonical way for people to be able to answer How do I. Documentation for Kodowa’s Light Table development environment.

light table vim 2One thing that I found was a bit odd was that Light Table takes the standard Cmd-o keybinding and maps that to its fuzzy-finder open-file menu, which is similar to Cmd-t in TextMate or Cmd-p in Sublime Text. As you can imagine, the first thing I want to install is the Vim plugin so I can get my Vim keybindings in place. IMO light table can be seen as more of an IDE, rather than just an editor. I guess everyone is familiar with the editor war (whether emacs or vim is better), but the question here is whether there might be a future third very powerful editor coming. Light Table is the editor you may be using in the future, and you can use the alpha now. I mention it here because it does have a Vim mode, which works quite well.

Light Table. Vim and Clojure plugin upgrades this week. Vim normal and visual keys can now be defined as normal keybindings! I started learning Clojure using Light Table, which is fantastic (and even has decent Vim keybindings), but after mastering the basics of the language, I surveyed the landscape and returned to Vim armed with a set of plugins to make working with Clojure in Vim pretty darn great. Vim for Light Table. A thin wrapper around CodeMirror’s vim mode that integrates it into Light Table. For additional Vim-like functionality, see the guide for Vim Users.

Matthew Machuga

Next, I tried configuring Vim for Clojure after seeing a co-worker work on a Clojure project with Vim. That’s where I saw Chris Granger present LightTable for the first time. After the presentation, I had the opportunity to talk to him, and he mentioned that even though he was presenting on LightTable, he was actually an avid Vim user, and he recommended I learned it.

Light Table On Twitter: And Clojure Plugin Upgrades This Week. Vim Normal And Visual Keys Can Now Be Defined As Normal Keybindings!