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Box List. Command: vagrant box list. This command lists all the boxes that are installed into Vagrant. This command will tell you the state of all active Vagrant environments on the system for the currently logged in user. Because of this, it is possible to see stale results (machines say they’re running but they’re not). For example, if you restart your computer, Vagrant would not know. Just made a plugin that makes this quite alot easier, just run one command that removes all old versions of boxes on your host mach9ine:).

list all vagrant boxes 2It may have a slight advantage over the vagrant box list method above in that it doesn’t require that vagrant knows about your boxes – just that the machines exist in VirtualBox. FYI I made an alias to shut down all virtualbox vms, it’s dirty but works good so far. Might there be a way to script a close of all vagrant boxes with a bit of commandline-fu? Something like the following, but something that, well, works. Command Explained: vboxmanage list runningvms — gets a list of all running vms under VirtualBox. Below, you can search as normal for Vagrant Boxes to use. All data was retained. You can find Vagrant documentation in the help section. If you have any questions about Vagrant Cloud becoming part of Atlas, feel free to email support at support hashicorp.

Internally it uses vagrant box list to get a list of boxes, and vagrant box remove –box-version xxx –provider xxx so it still has all safeguards you expect from vagrant. Disclaimer. Before Vagrant 1.4.2 there are two distinct names for each one of the plugins that you need to know:. Vagrant-aws-dns — A Vagrant plugin that allows you to set up route53 records for instances created using vagrant-aws provider. Snapshotting Vagrant On my current project I have been setting up a vagrant box to setup specific environment. This contains a bunch of recipes that download around 200MB of data. List: List all the existing snapshots. take: Take a new snapshot with a name.

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list all vagrant boxes 3The new box is added to the list of available boxes. To delete a Vagrant box. In the Vagrant page of the project settings, under the Vagrant Boxes table, select the box to be deleted. Click delete, and confirm deletion. I’m a fan of Vagrant and all things automation, they make my life a lot easier. (See platforms for the entire list.). The idea is to download the Bahmni Virtual (Vagrant) Box which is pre-installed with CentOS, and all softwares. To make the vagrant box run on your machine you will need Virtual Box, Vagrant and GIT installed (See steps below). The folders property of the Homestead.yaml file lists all of the folders you wish to share with your Homestead environment. As files within these folders are changed, they will be kept in sync between your local machine and the Homestead environment. You see, Vagrant has to be able to log in to the new server and perform additional provision, such as setting the configured IP, port forwarding, folder shares, VirtualBox Guest Additions, etc. In order to do this, all base boxes are required to have the Vagrant public key already installed, along with a user named vagrant, with password-less sudo privileges.