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The loft bed, that I have in mind, requires a floor space of only 48 inches in width, 78 inches of length and a minimum ceiling height of 8 feet. If the dorm room has a ceiling height greater than 8 feet, the headroom above the mattress, will be very generous. We cut the legs to the proper size based on your ceiling height, mattress thickness and the number of extra safety rails requested. For the Super Tall Legs the bed may be slightly top heavy and we require you to also use our Corner & Rung Braces to further stabilize the bed. A brief overview of a few things you need to consider before commencing the search for a perfect bunk bed. The first thing to check is the height; there has to be enough space left between the top of the bed and the ceiling so that the child or whoever is going to sleep in it can sit up straight without bumping their head or feeling claustrophobic. A regular bunk bed, with comfortable amount of space between the bunks, goes up to the height of about 65 to 75 inches; since the standard height of the ceiling is 8 feet, in most rooms there will be no problems — except, of course, if the person sleeping on the top bunk is 7 feet tall.

loft bed for 7 foot ceiling 2Make more space for storage, eating or just plain living when you elevate your sleeping quarters with a loft bed. Like 7. Storage Steps. AI-Totally- Feasible- Loft- Beds- For- Normal- Ceiling- Facebook: annemarie. We came up with this space-saving solution because our ceilings are only 10 feet high. We have 7.5 foot ceilings. Ds would like a loft bed this fall because he wants room to have a desk under his bed and some extra space in his room. I’d. How much room should we leave between the bed and the ceiling? (I’m not worried about ds falling out – it will have a rail.

Ideas for a loft bed in a room with low ceiling/slanted sidewalls See more about Low Loft Beds, Loft Beds and Attic Rooms. Farmhouse Loft Bed for Double Mattress, Not too low, not too tall! Buy your zone zzz collection loft bed, multiple colors at I’m 6 feet tall and with a 7 tall mattress, the top is just above eye level. They can touch their ceilings (8 foot) but don’t have any problems with hitting their heads. The 7 year old is currently in a standard twin bed and the twins are still in toddler beds.

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Entirely private entry and bath, hardwood floors, 11 foot ceilings. The Lark loft bed is a kids bed with loft bed frame that pairs well with our modern kids bedroom furniture. My 4 and 6 year old boys love them so far, and they fit comfortably in a room with 8 ft. ceilings. Space between the beds is adequate for a young child, but would be minimal for a teenager or young adult. We’ll most likely be separating the beds before then. Works great with our 8 foot ceilings! Our daughter loves her bed, and so do all of her friends!. I’m 16, 5’7-8 and am thinking about getting a loft bed. I have 8 foot ceilings and I’m worried about it being too low for the bed. I don’t like the beds with the ladders, and I would prefer a bed with stairs, but I’m not sure if that would affect the matter.

Low Loft Bed On Pinterest